Petromaaalt daaaay

All the kitties were in Mommy and Daddy’s room, congregated around the computer/table/kitty hammock. So I went in and petted everyone. XD First I petted Cattre. I kept saying her name as I walked in, and she didn’t move or anything, so I thought she was mad at me. But I guess not. Maybe just really tired or something. Heh.

Then I petted Wulfie on the hammock. He was sitting in the sun and warm and stretched out. Then I petted Dushty. ^__^ He’s so cute … I wish he’d be cuddly, too. ;_;

Then I picked up Shadow ’cause I didn’t want him to run away from me, went downstairs to get the petromalt, went back upstairs and gave him the stuff, all the while calling him a beanbagbaby. Gehehe. He ran off and shook his paw then started licking.

I offered some to Cattre and she walked away so I gave some to Dusty (he loves the stuff), then grabbed Cattre and squirted some on her paw. She kept struggling and pulling her paw away. >_< I didn’t give her much, ’cause she doesn’t barf (or at least I don’t think she does).

Oh yeah. Last night I turned around for some reason, and Wulfie was there! In the middle of my room! He was just sitting there with his paws curled under, comfortable as can be. Mickey came in ’cause I kept saying, “Ah! There’s a cat in my room!” I asked him how Wulfie could have got in, because the door was closed, and he said maybe he came in when I left the room. I don’t close my door when I’m not in there. Hehehe. Nice visit from Wulfie. ^_^ He’s getting chubby, though. o_o

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