We went to Waldenbooks. We got the Harry Potter book for $20. Mommy said Hidek’s gonna read it first. Oh pooh. :b

Blegh, I already have loads of books to read … even though I complain that I have nothing to read. I’m reading The China Garden by Liz Berry right now. I also kinda started Count of Monte Cristo (wanna read it before I watch the movie again). And then there’s War and Peace which Mommy got for me a year and a half ago during Christmas. I think I’m on page 80 thereabouts. ^_^;;

I also yoinked Daddy’s copy of The Other some time last year because Mommy and Daddy were watching the movie (made by Disney o_o) and they were saying how good it was. I’m up to the part where the kid is talking about a big stain spot on his ceiling. Like a page after that. About 5–10 pages in. Ahaha. And I forget when Mommy gave it to me, but I also have The Haunting of Hill House.

And there’s these two books I’m thinking of giving away, but I want to reread them before I actually do, just to make sure I don’t want them. Plus I have Moll Flanders and The Diary of Anne Frank on my to read list. I’m also thinking about rereading A Tale of Two Cities. Just because I got about 1/5th out of it the first time around. ^_^;;;

Aaaand, for the finishing touch, I bought Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere today. Eeeee!!! :D:D I saw American Gods there, and I would have bought it, but the corner of the back cover was bent. :( And it wasn’t a nice crease, either. It looked like it had been folded one way (while being put back on the shelf, maybe), and someone folded it back, but in a slightly different area, so there’s this … thing in it. Yughy. I also saw The Sandman! :D But it was book two. So I no buy. I looked through it though. Looks so goood. *wants*

Oh yeah. The guy at the cash register said to me, “They say this is good,” when he scanned Neverwhere. XD Mommy asked me how I find out about these books. I said, “I dunno” ’cause I didn’t want to think. ^^;;; Well, I heard about this book … okay, I was at, and I saw that someone made a fanlisting for Coraline. I thought that sounded interesting, so I went to look, and it looked cool, so I went to the official site (and it is amaaaazing *.* go see!) and really got interested then went to to read more and found out it’s for kids. Hah.

I would read it, regardless, but I’m trying to improve my reading skills. >.> Or something. Oh yeah. Mommy said kids in Japan aren’t reading novels anymore. They’re reading nothing but manga now. I can’t believe that. I mean … sure, manga is uber cool, but still, it’s like … I don’t know. Not as good as books. Nowhere near good as books. Even Paradise Kiss, which I looove (and Waldenbooks didn’t have volume 4, grrr), it just doesn’t compare to, say, Sabriel (another book I’m thinking of reading again XP). I dunno. Anyway. Back to the story at hand.

People on Amazon were talking about how good Neil Gaiman’s other books were in reviews for Coraline so I went to look at his other books. Actually, I just clicked on his name and scrolled through all the titles he’s done and I noticed one called Death: The Time of Your Life, and it had a neat looking cover :b so I looked at it, and they said it was a substory of his Sandman series, so I went to look at that, and that looked cool, and then I went to look at the books he’s written (’cause I was really curious by then) and, yeah, that’s how I found out about it. ^__^ I also realized that he cowrote Good Omens, which I’d read about a while ago because someone was crowing over it in their blog. So … yeah. Hehehe.

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  1. Innnteresting. (about the Japanese kids and manga). I like manga too, but yeah, nothing beats novels. They help stimulate people’s imagination, don’t you think?

    I think I’m better at reading online, then from an actual book. I’m trying to read The Two Towers, haven’t gotten far (compared to the rest of the book). Then, I’m reading a fanfic onlne, Epitaph Empress (a retelling of the Hades/Persephone story). It seems to move slower than Two Towers, yet, I seem to be able to understand it more. :) Or maybe it’s something esle. I don’t know.

  2. My mom said something her reading the Hobbit. She said it was hard. o_o

    The hard cover version of ROTK looks larger than the paperback one. ::looks at books in closet::

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