don’t you start

Hidek was downstairs watching TV (I figured out afterwards it’s because Daddy was doing something on our compi), and reading the 5th Potter book. So first he was watching this thing on G4 about some gaming convention … I forget what it was called … maybe it was E3 … they were showing people going in, Brittany Murphy, the three people from Charmed … yeah, that’s all I saw.

At 9:30 he watched South Park. I dunno what episode it was. But I heard the themesong. :) So then at 10:30 he was watching x-Men Evolution, and because I had to clean up Shadow’s barf, I instead sat down and started watching. XP;

They showed a commercial for Inu Yasha. I wish I could see that. The reason I can’t is because … I don’t seem to have the patience to sit and watch TV lately. Even last Friday, when Mickey and Daddy (both at separate times :b) told me there was a new episode of Monk on, I was still debating at ten whether I would watch it. But I watched it. ^___^

“You just mixed the decaf with the caffeine.”
“But they’re even.”
“But they’re mixed together.”
“But they’re even.”
“But … they’re mixed together.”
“But … …. they’re even.”


Oh yeah. Earlier this week Eight Men Out was on IFC again. Half an hour into it. I didn’t watch it. And I just realized I haven’t been watching .hack//SIGN lately. O_< I think I’ve seen 5 or 6 episodes total … *sigh* And like I said, earlier today I wanted to watch movies all day long. But now I’m back to my impatient-with-tv mood.

Oh well. I also put up the fanlisting for The Cardigans’ fourth album, [Gran Turismo (link to fl)]. w00t! XD But I didn’t get the fanlisting for Long Gone Before Daylight. WAHHHH!!!! *anime face with rivers of tears flowing out* And I’m trying to get myself to build other fanlistings I have in mind. All of them which will probably not be popular and therefore not get many, if any (… I have no idea how else to say that O.o), people joining.

Last thing: UGH. I don’t know if I’m the only one who applied to The Cardigans fanlisting (hopefully not; hopefully they’re more popular than that), or if my application didn’t go through, or … WHAT. But UGH. Why she no update? T-T And a lot of other fanlistings that don’t seem to update … ¬_¬ But mainly the Cardigans one, because I WANTED THAT FANLISTING!! *sighs* Oh well. Really. I wouldn’t mind not getting it, if only she’d UPDATE! >.> *hopes she doesn’t get in trouble for anything she said* <.< *scurries off*

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