Hodj n Podj

Today I played Hodj n Podj. Did a couple cryptograms, got annoyed, then started fooling around with Art Parts. XP First I did 25 columns by 1 row. That was fun. Then I did 30 rows by 1 column. Then I did 25 columns by 30 rows. O.O!! It was like playing with pixels! In the course of ten minutes, all I got to do was put all the sky pieces at the top, and all the pieces of the sign below the sky. ^.^;;

Then I did a couple puzzles that were more normal … then I played the board game, one player, Podj an average opponent and me at a medium skill level. Whenver Podj lost a turn or lost gold I went “Gehehe …” and when he got a turn or got gold I went “Dengit” and when I lost items (TWICE!) I went “DANGIT!” The second time I hit my fist on the desk and my neighbor said something or other about me … o.o;; I didn’t quite hear him, and I didn’t want to ask … But anyway. I won. :D I married Mish and/or Mosh and had twin daughters, w00t! :b

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