anime blog and personal site rants?

There are these two pages (probably more) online that I read, one about “trendy anime blogs” and the other about personal websites.

I probably don’t qualify for an anime blog. ^.^; I haven’t used many anime images lately. :/ And I don’t like the 8pt font size. SM00’s got that on her blog. x_x I mean, okay, on a 17″ monitor with an 800×600 screen resolution it’s a pretty legible size. But on a 15″ screen with 1024×768, it can be a strain on the eyes sometimes.

Regarding another point this page had, okay, I may have a kind of depressing name (if I actually went ahead and got my crimsoncut domain, that would be even more dark :b). And I may have used garish colors before. And I most definitely change my layout a bit too often (I … get sick of my work if I look at it frequently enough ^^;;;). But uhh … skipping over the pointless stuff.

Moving on to the next page. While I thought the anime blog page might have been funny (I’ve been to two of the nine pages they pick on before, and didn’t like them being exemplified like that), the other one was just plain bitching and crap. It wasn’t well thought out and decently written. There’s really no point to it. It was just pointing out people and saying, “This part of your site is awful.” Why not be more constructive and give tips on how to improve?

“You are not a “webmaster” (or “webmistress”) because you have a website. Any two-bit punk can do exactly the same thing — inflating yourself with self-granted titles of grandiose stature doesn’t change the fact that your site sucks.”

I guess it’s the wording or something. I finally get it. People don’t like that a “site” filled with information about the site owner is held on the same level as a “site” that contains something for other people, i.e. information, reviews, whatever. Or at least I think basically that’s it.

So my warning “This is a personal domain and thusly I use my space to satisfy my own needs, so leave if you’re looking for real content” doesn’t cut it. Then I began to think, so what’s the point of me having my blog online? I mean, I know I say, “I have a blog for myself, no one else,” but then if that’s true, shouldn’t I just keep it away from everyone?

But then those friends-only livejournals always annoyed me. :b I mean … it’s fine if you don’t go around talking about it. Or actually posting a link to it. I don’t think I talk about my journal in my blog much, do I? Or my diary? I haven’t posted a link to that in sooo long.

But anyway. Just made me think. What the hell do I have a blog for anyway? SM00 and Noelle, I suppose. Keep up with each other. But then, if that’s so, why do I go around commenting in other people’s blogs and leaving the url to it? And joining fanlistings? O_o Something to ponder. I mean … I don’t have visions of grandeur, do I? I don’t want to become a super-read, super-linked, super-talked about blogger, do I? O_O (I can imagine all the paranoia keeping me up at night. Ahaha. ^_^;;;)

I think my blog’s gonna get another dry spell when college starts. I just really really don’t like typing up little reports of my day. ^^;; Although one couldn’t easily tell by reading my blog. I mean … I always found, “woke up, ate breakfast, went to school, had class, came home, did homework, went online” stuff boring and pointless and whatnot … it’s just that sometimes I need to say what happened. Why is that?

And you know what? I think, wasn’t it, those type of journals that are treasured the most today? When people wrote down what happened during the day? Okay maybe not eating breakfast and going to school. :b But … there’s someone who’s into that, isn’t there? I forget what they’re called. Something to do with culture … I thought anthropology and sociology, but those aren’t it, are they?

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