Why I Am Blogging

Okay … trying to think of things I thought about after reading Why Girls Are Weird

Firstly, I don’t get more than 5 hits a day. ^_^;;; Isn’t that saad? :b I don’t mind really. Means I’m safe … from people knowing about me, and me not knowing about them. The people I know who read this blog: SM00, Adam, Noelle, Amanda, and Matt. Yup yup. I think SM00 and Adam also count as 70% or so of my hits. XP Well, that’s on my main site, anyway. Or here. The index page. On my whole domain, I get about … *checks last month’s stats* 250 hits per day. But that’s counting page views and such. Like frame layouts, they account for a lot of pages loading … Hm, about 80 visitors per day. o_O;;; *is scared all of a sudden* … *erases memory*

Okay! Moving on! So I get 5 hits on this page every day. That means not many people read this main page. I dunno what people are looking at otherwise. o.o Umm … I forget what my point is. >.> My point is not many people read this. So I could post almost anything I want. Almost. And since I don’t use real names of people who don’t want their real names used, there’s no security issue. And … I dunno. Forgot what I was thinking about.

Mmm … I don’t think anyone but people I know and Amanda read this blog regularly, so whatever I was thinking doesn’t really pertain to me. And … I’m not really all that personal in here, am I? That all goes into my other … things. Which no one can read, muahaha! *coughgagchoke* Umm … What’s a blog, anyway? See, convo from book (no spoilers, I don’t think):

>You should see the other journals out there. One girl is writing about how she’s a stripper with a drug habit. It’s such bullshit. You know she’s not, because if she was really doing all of the drugs she was bragging about, then she’d be too blitzed to figure out how to post a webpage. Actually, hers is really more like a blog.
>What’s a blog?
>You really don’t know anything about this, do you? Didn’t you read any journals before you started your own? Did you think you were the only one doing this?
>Why would you read something like that, like the stripper website?
>I get bored. They’re like soap operas. I can’t stop reading some of them. I can’t wait to see how they’re going to mess up their lives next. There’s this one guy who is totally stalking his ex-girlfriend, and he doesn’t seem to realize it. He keeps going on about how much he loves her, posting shitty poems, and the next day he’s whining about some restraining order she’s filed. It’s hysterical. I love him because he’s so clueless.
>That sounds awful.
>It’s so much fun. Either you’re reading someone like you, who writes about everything you can identify with, or it’s this total train wreck you can’t stop reading about. You just read about their pain and thank God you’re someone else. It really puts things into perspective knowing you’re not some poor bastard fired from his job because of a porn addiction.
>There’s a journal like that?
>There’s a journal like that.

Hmm, that may be a bit long. Anyway. Written by Pamela Ribon. Goood book! ^-^ And umm … so what’s a blog? What’s a journal? What’s a diary? I always thought a diary was personal thoughts and stuff and a journal was a recording of events. But then someone said it was the other way around. And now I’m all confused … And I don’t quite know what a blog is. I mean … I know the technical term. The one I remember is “a place for news or updates or a person’s personal journal.” Ohh welll …

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