Here’s a (portion of a) notation from Wil Wheaton’s Still Just a Geek: An Annotated Memoir on blogging and writing.

…my editor has continually reminded me that there’s a difference between writing a speech, a novel, a novella, a blog, and hundreds of notations.

…there was a very distinctive voice we all used in the 2000s when we wrote in our blogs.

Unfortunately, as I read through it now, it isn’t aging well for me. There was a deliberate immediacy, an unpolished, unvarnished, raw, conversational tone that, today, feels amateurish. In the moment I sent these thoughts out into the ether, though, it was important to me that the readers receive only real emotion and real truth from me…

I say all this because I hope you’ll believe me when I say I’m a better writer now than I was then. More experienced and more confident.

…writing is a process. It should be about putting words down on the page, revising those words, throwing out some (or all) of those words, and continually honing and shaping and polishing and crafting.

In the early 2000s, that’s not how really anyone blogged. I certainly didn’t.

So maybe I’m not “great” at writing yet, but I’m literally decades better, and that’s part of being an artist: keep working on the craft.

I read (/heard; it was an audiobook) this notation in Wil Wheaton’s new book last year. (So good! A must-read for Wil fans!)

I agree with him on how blogs were written back then. I still prefer to read more personal blogs than “professional” ones. There are very few blogs I keep up with now though.

I mean, based on my own blog I can kind of understand why. Teens and twenty-somethings have more free time and have more they want to say. Older people just settle into life and don’t remark on anything new because… there is less that is new.

I wonder if how the culture of the internet has changed also has something to do with the decrease in personal blogging. The fear of the older, nerdier internet was creeps finding you offline and your irl friends finding you online. Now we have to fear doxxing and your employer(s) (current and future) discovering too much about you.

But back to the reason behind Wil’s notation, that he’s improved as a writer. I love reading Wil’s blog. His posts are well written. Another longtime blogger I still follow has improved her writing as well, coming off more polished and … I don’t want to say professional? (Because she wouldn’t call herself professional, I don’t think, haha.) She’s given more thought to her writing.

Whereas I am still just throwing stuff on the wall my blog and seeing what sticks. Or … lands. This ended up weird.

All this to just say, the “state of my blog” is the same as the last time I gave serious thought to the subject. It’s a place for me to stretch my writing muscle (ugh I need to stretch way more often) and write whatever I have on my mind that I want to share here.

Finally! Finallyyy! I finished moving my blog! Well, not quite. Still have to redirect here. And a little bit more cleanup behind the scenes. But is done! Woo!

Or, not done, really. Just live. I couldn’t hold up this blog anymore just because I don’t know what to put in the sidebar or in the about section. So that may come later… eventually… at some point.

so close…

I almost made it tonight. Honest. It was 11:52, nearing midnight, I was preparing to finish up for the day and go to bed… then I decided to post something on a blog. A frustrating hour later, I have two links saved to try and fix one problem (*cough*revisions*cough* yet again) and a note to myself to *gasp* update a little bit of my WordPress knowledge and rip off the Twenty-Thirteen template to update my code.

Anyway. I have decided. I have plans for this blog. And this domain/website. Two similar but separate plans. :] That’ll get completed in another few years…

fall stripes

I’m one day late for the start of fall, but I am early for the third year anniversary of the date I uploaded the [Christmas plaid layout (link to layout archive)]. Meaning it took me less than three years to complete this set, woohoo! It also means I want to tweak that plaid layout and update it (and the spring dots version) so it matches this and the previous layout.

It took me almost three years to come up with the idea of a stripes pattern? I kept thinking of using houndstooth for fall, but I don’t like houndstooth that much. Another plan was switching plaid to fall and coming up with another pattern for winter…? Especially since I thought the plaid layout only worked up to Christmas, and needed another pattern for January and February. But I definitely found it harder to come up with a simple winter pattern. All I could think of were knit sweaters, more winter materials than patterns.

So I am happy with stripes for fall. Well, stripes with a twist, inspired by some fashion design that popped up in Yahoo when I searched for “fall fashion patterns” images. Or something like that, I can’t find the image again.

I also like that each version has somewhat of a different vibe. This one’s kind of retro, ’60s or ’70s, I don’t know which; the Christmas plaid is more traditional; the spring dots is modern and cutesy; while the summer waves lets me use a “Japanese-y” design.

Now if only I could find the time to update my HTML and CSS knowledge, and work on my websites…

update struggles

What is going on? No updates this year, no posts written for almost five months!

I guess I’m growing up (slowly, Oh Viktoria ♫ … *cough*) since all I seem to do is work, or go off to play after work. (Bats Day at Disneyland was fun! ^_^) My websites are sadly near-abandoned.

In fact, I just found out a little while ago about Twitter’s new API thingamabobber, and finally installed a new Twitter feed plugin. (Had to register a Twitter app for that. :x )

It now means that I don’t have an automatic backup of my tweets or favorites. Considering going manual, but I haven’t done it yet. Found a couple Twitter backup/archive plugins (Ozh’ and HL) but Ozh doesn’t work for me and HL creates its own archive which I don’t want to deal with.

Other news… I migrated my websites to a new host! No more sold-to-by-previous-host … host! Kind of sad to leave them (Fluid Hosting), they were really good, kept me informed of server news and other maintenance. They also let me know about the WordPress botnet attack! But I felt guilty using the old host’s package, as if I should have moved over to one of their package offerings, but I couldn’t afford $100 a year, not for hobby sites that don’t even get updated once a season! So I had to move. Messed up a few things in the move, lost a few files without realizing it, because my backup hard drive wasn’t up to date. Ugh.

I also managed to mess up my portfolio website’s WordPress install over the weekend when I installed the Limit Login Attempts plugin! Don’t know how that happened. The only two files I edited were the wp-config file and .htaccess, and somehow that made any WordPress-related pages show up as blank.

When I uploaded other config files to the site, those blogs would show up fine, so I thought it was the config file, but I compared it to a working config file and the only difference was the database name. Ended up deleting/reinstalling WordPress files and deleting/reuploading the database tables. That might not even have been the problem, but my blog came back up. Managed to get the LLA plugin installed on all my blogs.

So… yeah. I have to say, catching up on web development is not fun. I coded a page the other day for work and I struggled, constantly referencing the W3 wiki. Blah. Still don’t know the difference (in usage or implementation) between HTML and XHTML. Still haven’t learned HTML 5 (or even a lot of the eXtensibility of XHTML), just relying on general HTML knowledge.

Not doing much else beyond keeping up with social media sites and watching tv. Oh, I’m trying to pull together a Miwako Sakurada cosplay for Anime Expo in five weeks. Still need to figure out a few bits.

… Okay, maybe things haven’t changed that much. :)