you don’t do anything

Ugh. If it’s not my laptop display freezing, or the wireless networking not working for some weird unknown reason, of course it has to be power outages that render the modem incapable of connecting. -.-;; It’s really stupid. Ever since Daddy installed the wireless network, the entire upstairs has been having power shortages, and lights will dim, tvs will blink off for a split second, and the computers go on the battery backup (complete with BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! buzzzz).

In the past few weeks, the power even stays off for minutes on end, and nothing works. Today the power was out for a little while. It came back after 20 or so minutes. But now, for some reason, the internet cuts off and I get disconnected from the network. That means the modem and network router both get cut from the power supply somehow. O.< And I keep connecting and disconnecting and so I couldn’t say how many “Cannot find server” pages I got today. -_-

To top it off, even after the modem and/or router start working again, my laptop doesn’t pick up on the network signal for a few minutes. I have no idea why. At Noelle’s house it connects aut-o-mat-i-cal-ly. ¬_¬

Spent most of today working on a new layout for IAT. :D Since it’s the only thing to do, really, on my laptop sans internet. >_> First I was making it a frames layout, then figured it’d be less to load if I did it tables, since the “background” is 25 or so small images, and use side-scrolling and pop-ups. So now I’m writing up the stuff and messing around with div positioning. ^^;; How fuun.

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  1. Wow, very interesting. One time that happened to me. I was studying for a math test and I got really sick. I fell asleep at my desk (this was at home, not school). In the morning my mom thought I was crazy becuase I wasn’t in my bed.

    Anyways. I thought my name was spelled Adam beucase there was this boy who sat next to me in class. I forgot how to spell my name and I thought Amanda and Adam were spelled the same (even though they are not). It was becuase they almost had the same letters in the name. I didn’t know how to spell Adam. But I looked on Adam’s (the kids who sat next to me) backapck. It said “Adam’s backpack”, so I copied it. My parents told me I was such a funny girl when I was little. I’m glad my brother isn’t named Adam. We would have gotten confused. See, thats what I meant by long story.

  2. O_O;;;;;;;;;;;;;; @ Amanda. Weirdo.

    Last night I was listening to my Evanescence CD. I wanted to close my eyes and open them when the CD ended, but I fell asleep before it ended. It was on all night, not playing any music.

  3. I just noticed something. Amanda sat next to a boy name Adam!!! Hey Adam, was there a girl who sat next to you who’s name was Amanda???? And Amanda, what was it like sitting next to him?? Was he annoying???

  4. That’s a really funny story, Amanda. :D Good story to tell your kids. XD

    I used to write the Y of my name backwards and made the ‘tail’ of the e go all the way around. o.O;; I even wrote it that way on my door when I was young. But I got a new door. ;.;

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