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I forgot to mention yesterday, I read the two Mars manga Noelle has. :D I like. A bit simple, but still enjoyable. ^__^ So there’s another manga I have an interest in buying. Not immediate, but … if I run out of anything else, I’d get it.

I think I’m at the point in Count of Monte Cristo where all the names run together and there’s confusion … O.o Umm, Danglars is the purser guy who made it rich, with a daughter, Eugénie. Villefort is the deputy public persecutor guy who married a second time to a young widow, and has a son Edouard and daughter Valentine who’s supposed to marry Franz, Albert‘s friend. His parents are Fernand and Mercedes, Count and Countess of Morcerf. Hmm … and Madame de Villefort and Edouard were the ones in Madame Danglars’ runaway carriage. Lucien Debray is the minister’s secretary and the one who has something to do with Madame Danglars. o.O Maximilien Morrel is the son of Monsieur Morrel, the shipowner, and the brother of Julie who married Emmanuel Herbault. He’s also the one who loves Valentine. @.@ And Eugénie mirrors Albert’s feelings about their marriage; she wants to become a painter like her friend. Hehehe … yeah. Anyway. O_O I wonder if I missed anyone …

Despite all the names, it’s still a goood story. ^__^ Really rather different than the latest movie adaptation. I think people have said that already…. I think the French version is supposed to be the closest to the book? I dunno. N watched it. I forget what he said. I must see that one. Don’t remember any other versions.

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