Evanescence on Hard Rock Live

There was this Hard Rock Live thing on MTV2; a half hour of Evanescence playing live. It was on at 4:30, and I left the room at four to tell Hidek something. When I got back Mickey was watching tv. He said I could have it, but he was watching the prerace (Trapt performed at the track O_o;;;), and there was a race later … so I let him have the tv.

I figured I could get Mommy to switch the channel, but then when I got down there, (I was reading the art history book), she was talking about the movie she was watching. “It’s a great movie. Well, you have to watch it from the beginning. This is my .. third time watching it.” So I didn’t feel like changing channels after that.

The movie was over at 4:55, so I got to watch one song (Mommy said she would have let me switch channels *smacks self*), but it didn’t matter anyway, because the cable connection is stoopid and half the time the screen was pixelly and I couldn’t hear her (volume fading and coming back …). Mommy said, “The music’s too loud. Sometimes the music is too loud and the singer can’t hear the pitch.” I thought, ‘How can she tell?! I can’t hear anything!’

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