webcast Roasted

I watched most of the Weenie Roast webcast today. Erm. Well not watched, exactly, but listened. I watched most parts of The Killers onstage though. They played a new song! I really really like it! XD I think they said (not at Weenie Roast) that they’re going to start recording their new album, and it’ll probably come out this time next year … pooh. Long time. Not as long as Evanescence though. >.> I think theirs is coming out November or so. That’s info that some Italian (…?) company received.

I think I like listening to KROQ more lately because of all the “retro” bands or, as Hidek says, bands copying The Strokes. *shrug* I mean, I guess it’s true. It’s a money-maker, so record companies are signing more of them … more goody for me then. ^^

Oh yeah. I’ve changed my mind. I like Hot Hot Heat. Their first single, Bandages, was repetitive … but their other songs aren’t as much. I think. And it’s fun peppy music. So I add it to my list, muahaha. Dood, so many bands were wearing black! Some looked like they were dying … or wouldn’t have minded a jump in a pool of ice. hah.

Ev & Christ

This all started because I opened WMP to listen to the videos I have, since Yahoo won’t let me watch theirs at the moment (the message says “use error code 16 when reporting this to Yahoo! Help”). The video for Evanescence’s “Going Under” came up and I just remembered what Ben Moody said once about the song, but I couldn’t remember exactly what he said … so I went searching for it. I ended up finding this old old article from 1998, and I’m beginning to rethink what I thought I knew about Evanescence … heh.

I do believe that Amy and Ben didn’t really mean to make Evanescence a Christian band. I think (my opinion) that they just loved God so much, and when you love someone (or something … x.x), you just want to share it with everyone. God was a big part of their lives, so how could he not show up in their songs? But! What they weren’t doing was writing worship songs or songs telling everyone how great God is, ‘you should love God too!’ (“We want people to know that your salvation is not going to keep people from hurting you and it’s not going to stop you from feeling pain. But you are not alone. God made you the way you are for a reason. There are other people who think, feel, and dream the same way you do and Christ will never abandon you whether you go through trials or not.”)

Then they got big and everyone could see the Christian bits so they called Ev a Christian band even though Ev wasn’t trying to tell people about God or anything. I don’t really know why they decided to deny their religion had anything to do with their music; money, fame, or maybe they just didn’t want to limit their music to one audience? Whatever.

David Hodges is gone, and I think he’s in a Christian band now. Ben Moody’s gone, and he’s done some religious music. Amy Lee’s the member who is left, and she’s said she feels her relationship with God is personal and private. (I feel that way too. ^^;; Omigosh were so alyke we cud b bffs if she new meee!! … /end sarcasm. I mean, I understand what she’s saying.) John Lecompt and Rocky Gray were in Christian bands, too, right? You never know if God may slip into one of their songs. ;b

Not that I want to bring up that whole “OMG they so are/aren’t a Christian band!!!1” controversy. I never really thought they were a Christian band after they said they weren’t. I still don’t. I just thought it was … very interesting and different, that article. ^_^;;

What I was looking for originally:

[Going Under] was um, the last song we wrote for Fallen. It’s the most recent, and it actually was more collaborative than any other song we’ve written in the past. … We were working on it all at once and she really branched out vocally and did a lot of really really cool sultry stuff on the verses which hadn’t been done by us yet.
–Ben Moody (in the “Making of the Video” … video

When I first heard that I was hoping Evanescence would make more songs like Going Under. It’s my favorite song of theirs. Along with Lies and Everybody’s Fool. ^^

Just because I feel like it, what Amy said in the video:

Well, Going Under to me is sort of um, an empowering song, it’s sort of like a really strong um, almost angry song, for me, and I wanted the video to really express sort of like this dark, like powerful, um, anger.

I still haven’t watched the Making of Fallen pt II video. pooh. First thing I’ll do after my chem final! XD Er, when I get home, that is.

yayness! (lab, summer, skateboard, Making of Fallen)

Yay! I’m done with my formal lab report! Or, almost. I just have to draw the structure of the molecules. Then I’m done! *celebrate*

Summer’s almost here too! Yay! I have lots of stuff I’m planning to do. Don’t know how much of it I’m gonna accomplish, though. Considering I had a list last year and I don’t think I did much of it. Um. What I want to do: finish crediting all the lyrics (possible) on my site, upload lyrics of my recently acquired albums; convert my GM entries to WP entries; read lots; move my dreamlog to a WordPress blog on my site (baibai Diaryland…); umm … I forget other stuff, but I have it written down somewhere.

(I’ve adopted Neil Gaiman’s method of breaking up sections. *grin*)

I was thinking recently that I need exercise. Not the go to the gym get sweaty kind, but just … get outside, do something other than sit around all day. I like to rollerblade, but the sidewalks around here are kind of in various states of disrepair. It’s fun going really really fast and then jumping over cracks, but then … doing it all the time? It just makes my joints hurt (in my mind). I also thought, I don’t know, I could have always rollerbladed, and I never did, so why would I now?

But! I had a really crazy mad thought! Maybe I could take Hidek’s old skateboard and learn how to ride that! hah. I don’t know. *thinks of old entry about wanting to skateboard* It’d be fun. I’d have to tighten the trucks or whatever it is Hidek loosens to make his board more turny-able. But then the biggest problem with my idea is that I think Hidek doesn’t have an old skateboard I could use. He has an old skateboard, but I can’t use it. I think something like, one of the trucks is broken, or he lost a screw or something … meh. *dreams*

[edit:2:00am] Oh yeah, I forgot, somehow. O_o Double yay! I managed to download the Making of Fallen part II file from Evanescence Website! XDDDD Finally! After maybe half a year … Now to watch it … *happyhappyjoyjoy*

Anywhere But Home DVD

I watched the Evanescence Anywhere But Home DVD before dinner. heh. Kinda surprised by how they act. By the end I was kinda disappointed and I didn’t like Amy Lee as much as I used to. But now I’m telling myself I’m stupid and she can act however oddly and stupidly she wants, I’m no judge, I still admire her and everything, and she’s a good person, so what’s wrong? (She was drunk! :o But mostly I was disgusted by this sex move she did on her friend *rolleyes* Whatever.)

The concert on the DVD is terrible, with its awful music video-esque direction. I like the videos I downloaded off the internet more. Even including the image quality. Geez! The concert looks like she’s not even singing! Like they coulda stuck video of anyone in there and it wouldn’t have looked any more off! They cut away too much, show little snippets too much, there’s no loooooong camera view on her or anyone. Or maybe that’s just the first minute or two. I don’t know. I don’t want to watch any more of it anyway. ugh.

dah, design funk

I’m trying to make this layout for jeidaijournal. And I don’t know what to do with the pictures. :( I don’t want to do a techno-ish, pixelly layout. I don’t want to do that simplified layout I’ve been doing lately (eg jeidaijournal, AALCC fanlisting, my links page …). I don’t really want to do grunge. Firstly because I’m not that good at it. ^^;; Secondly because I’m tiring of it.

I just want to do these fantabulously amazing layouts. Like Sephiroticum.net (which isn’t up anymore). I just want to fill the whole page, I want everything to be going on, but instead of looking like a mess, it looks effin’ fantastic. I want the final product to look completely different from the original image(s) I used. Kinda like … (you’d have to visit my layout archives site to understand this ^^;;) IAT v33, or SMC v5, or L.S v3. But more.

I know, I usually say, “Open something up and just mess around.” Which is what the owner of Sephiroticum.net said. :b But whenever I do that I just use filters and stuff and usually it ends up looking like a jumbled, disgusting mess, and it’s not even really my mess, it’s someone else’s formula to change the image around that way.

I think I like this [www.hiddencache.com/blackdreams/] ^_^ *stares in wonder*

Okay I have to stop saying that. ^.^;;;;

You know my V-Day layout? (Which was supposed to link to vday.org, but I got lazy and forgot.) This person [butterfly-edge.org] did something similar. But her layout looks a lot better than mine. :P More organized and preeettier.

So anyway … I forgot what else I wanted to say … I made a new Amy Lee icon for lj. What else is new? Well, I’m actually really very satisfied with this one. But I don’t think it counts because it’s black and white with touches of pink and it’s pretty easy to be satisfied with those colors. I think I should be happier about another one, which is pretty much all brown, and I don’t really use brown. But I like the other one more. *shrugs*

I also found out that they aren’t making any more “My Immortal Pt.2 (enhanced)” singles, and that’s why Amazon isn’t shipping our order until “Feb 17–Mar 9.” And the order was placed January 19. O_o

I tried looking on ebay for it, and there’s one, but there are seven bids on it already, and I feel guilty outbidding someone, and it’s already up to $15.something already anyway, so I don’t want to try for it. Then I was looking at this [old ebay auction] and this [another ebay auction], but then I remembered that I don’t have any money. ^^;; And I reeeeally want that poster. :( Oh well.