Lily Chou Chou wa SUGOI desu yo! XD


O_O!!! I just saw Kill Bill. And GUESS WHAT?!!!!! I HEARD A LILY CHOU-CHOU SONG!!!!!! Omigosh XD XD XD XD!! That was sooooo coool! It made me like Kill Bill. :b (It’s a funny movie, and I liked Lucy Liu ^-^ but still not up to my tastes.)

At the lilyphilia board they said it’s the song Kaifuku Suru Kizu, or Wound That Heals. It’s in the scene where she’s lookin’ at the swords. Wooo! :D

Yeah, anyway. ^^;; I thought that was uber cool.

[edit] *cough* Sorry. I forgot this. ^^ IMDb put up a page for Lily Chou-Chou as a composer. Not bad for a fictional character, eh? XD XD [/edit]

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