Espeon! Go!

New layout. :) A week and a half or so ago Hidek and Friend 1 rented Pokemon Coliseum … and I don’t know how to spell Coliseum. I didn’t really have anything else to do that I actually felt like doing, so I watched them play quite a bit. ^^; Hidek named the main character ASS and said, “If anyone asks, I misspelled Ash.” Haha. Then he named the girl after Friend 1, and it was funny, ’cause her grandpa’s name sounds like his, and Hidek was poking fun at him for that.

So anyway. The main character starts out with Espeon and Umbreon. And I was remembering this one girl from the UPN boards who had a layout on her website of Umbreon (or maybe Espeon …? or both at different times ^^;). So I was thinking, no one else would have a Pokemon layout up … so voila! :D Hehe.

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