it’s kind of funny…

…this feeling inside. (I think if I’m gonna run my entry subjects into the entry itself then I should show the subject on the main page, shouldn’t I. ^^;; *doesn’t like showing that side of her weirdness so visibly*)

Hm. Stryker said “kind of Coldplay” about Snow Patrol. I never thought of that. But then again, I’ve only ever heard two of their songs. ^^; Run, which just played on the radio now (w00t, love new music, as long as it’s not Beastie Boys or … that other rap/rock group), and Spitting Games, of which the music video is on Launch.

I want Snow Patrol’s album, too. :b I want lots of music … and earlier this year, around January February, I was thinking that there was so little music that I wanted, and that it was sad, but I guess I’d just have to make do with the music I had … or go buy 60s music in CD form. (Mum has lots of 60s music, but it’s in vinyl form.)

*blink* Okay. The entry subject, right. This entry was gonna be about how while LJ was slow and all that last week, was always up whenever I wanted to access it. :b How weird. Today LJ was all nice (or, so far it has been), and today the first time I tried to go to I got a Cannot Find Server message. Ah well. I don’t know which one I’d rather have. I think LJ, but I’m kind of used to LJ being down. I don’t know why. I’ve never really had my website unaccessible for so long like this. Except when Endore went out of business. But whatever. I have a headache now. The kind that starts from my eyes. So now I’m done.

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