all a-Twitter

I got a Twitter account. Yup. Found out about it through InsaneJournal. (Found IJ through GreatestJournal… GJ through Livejournal… LJ through message boards and friends… EZBoard through C… Don’t know why I’m recounting references all of a sudden…)

I got it mostly to stick on my blog so I won’t go without updating my blog in some fashion, but won’t deluge my blog with short, fairly pointless entries.

I’m disappointed that I can’t tweak it more than it is now though. (Well, if I took out the ul navigation from the sidebar I could. Or if I bloated my CSS with specific styling for each, which I hate.)

I don’t understand how Shari ( got hers the way she did. How’d she get her updates inserted into p tags?? And how’d she insert those special characters?? And how’d she get the updates to show up regularly in code instead of using Javascript and a blank ul??

:( I don’t like my Twitter code.

fallibility of the ‘net

I’m tired, it’s late, so I can’t remember the word I’m thinking of. *blink* I can’t even remember what I’m thinking of. Something … about how it’s always changing. Yeah.

I guess I’m not getting back my old ezboard posts. ;.;

Someone hacked ezboard almost two months ago and everything went down and they spent all this time restoring everything and right now they say if your posts haven’t come back by now you’re not going to get them back and guess what? I’m really lame for being sad because of some bits (bytes?) lost in the internet void. I don’t even know what I’m missing. I didn’t get very far in cleaning up the topics. ^.^;; It’s just, I guess, some stuff from when I was 15 or 16. Is it stupid of me for feeling old because I’ve been online for the past 5 years? Ehehe.

Anyway. I keep freaking out about things like … I can’t say that, because the “that” that I would be referring to is the 5 years thing … I need sleep. This is a stupid post. I’m not supposed to make stupid posts on my nice pretty blog anymore. But oh well. Everyone shall hear my lament. Hah.

I keep freaking out about computer stuff and internet stuff. I really shouldn’t be so attached to something that I don’t even understand. (how exactly do you take plastic, metal, and electricity, and make it do all the things a computer does?)

But … I tend to be an emotional packrat. Like, sometimes I’ll wish I’d kept my Valentine’s from grammar school. Do you know how many valentines that was?! Maybe something like 15–30 × five years … silly. When I was a kid, I thought, ‘I can throw these out, I’ll just get more next year.’ Yeah … haven’t gotten a Valentine from a non-family member since … 7th or 8th grade.


…I keep worrying that Livejournal might go down, and I’ll never see my entries again. (Going on 3 years now.) Or my Greatestjournal. I worry about GJ more, because no one pays for that, and LJ is more like a business type of thing … well now it is, anyway. *below the belt* haha. I mean … I already had my domain hostserverthingie go bust. They were definitely a business and still went bust. Then again, they were also overselling or whatever that term is. I lost the comments on my last 7 blog entries that time. ;.; (I salvaged the actual entries from the Internet Archive 6 months or a year later.)

That’s it. It’s late. Bah. Stupid. I think I may need a haircut. *random*

GJ iz LJ omg!

Fudge. There’s an update to the update for WordPress. >_> But it’s only to fix something with the feeds, trackbacks and pingbacks. (Or so they say.) Since I don’t use those (I think?), I won’t upgrade for a while. >b

I don’t understand something. On GreatestJournal, they’ve changed to the new update page that Livejournal put up a while ago. (Checked past news: September of last year.) I‘m happy, because I’ve been waiting for it for a while … I like seeing what icon and mood I’m going to use. But then other people are complaining because it’s too confusing, or it’s stupid, or it’s ugly, or it’s too big (that one I agree with, although on IE it’s not? weird), or it’s too much like LJ.

That last one I don’t understand. People keep commenting on that news update entry that GJ should stop copying LJ. Huh? Hasn’t it always copied LJ? (Well, not always, like with their tags…) Isn’t the whole system just based on LJ? *snerk*

I don’t remember what I first thought of the new update page. Maybe I wanted the old one back for a few days because of that “Paid Account options” box, and some other things they worked out, but I got used to it. I like the new update page … I wouldn’t want any other. So nice and neat and organized. Instead of a plain text list of options that you’d have to go to another page entirely for … Sometimes I’d get the options mixed up if I wasn’t paying attention. ^^;;

Some people said they liked GJ better because it wasn’t LJ. That just completely confused me. What’s wrong with LJ? Seriously, I don’t know. I don’t pay attention to what other people say about LJ much. The only stereotype/generalization I know of any LJ source code-based journal site is that LJ is teen-filled with all teh angstness and drama.

Oh well. Yes, I’m being “lamezorz” and talking about LJ and GJ on my WP-based blog. *snerk*

Bedtime now, yayayay … *hoppy* ‘Tis so hot though… (I don’t like WordPress changing my three dots into that one ASCII character, whatever it is … alt code 0133)

aim name; connection

Dangit. I think someone stole one of my aim names. I tried signing on but got a message saying I couldn’t sign on for a number of reasons. The ones I remember being: being underage (according to the profile); having been an AOL member and ending the service; and violating the terms of service. I tried checking my profile for my age but I couldn’t sign in with the password I had, so then I tried to get my password e-mailed to me, and I never got it. I’m pretty sure it’s signed up under my addy. (Not that I actually use that address for anything, I’m just too lazy to change it. ahaha) I’ve never been an AOL user (I’ve only ever used dial-up a loooong time ago at Noelle’s house; 100% cable spoiled, baby). Lastly, I couldn’t have violated anything, I didn’t even use that name for the longestestest time.

Not that it really matters or anything, ’cause only Hidek knew about it … but still. I like that name. It makes me sad. And really paranoid. >_> I think the person changed the e-mail address, too … ’cause I tried to resest the password three times and I never got the e-mail. (I did it three times to bug whoever changed it. ^^;;) The only really bad part about it is that I had everyone’s usernames on the buddy list. >.> Hopefully no one was bugged by someone who pretended to know them.

I want my name back. :(

Oh yeah! Daddy bought a new router last weekend. Even though Daddy’s computer still gets moments of no internet connection, it’s not as bad as it used to be. Hidek’s, I don’t know, I haven’t used his comp lately. Or at least, not long enough to tell if it’s connected all the time (he keeps kicking me off). Aaand … my laptop is connected all the time now! XD Except for yesterday, because some option was turned off on the router, and it wouldn’t connect at all. I think, though … that I have a slow connection. But I don’t know if that’s just Livejournal/Greatestjournal. Oh well. Yay! ^_^

I still want my name back though.

… I think I forgot to end Daylight Savings Time here. Oops. Oh well.

can’t take much more of this

Finally … I like Espeon, and the glowy blueyness, but I finally, finally got fed up with the thin columns. Hur hur. So uh. New layout … within the next two weeks. Hopefully. ^^;;

I think I’ve gotten tired of having a blog. I’m getting more into Livejournal (after having it for almost two years O.o), and I just don’t really feel like talking about my day anywhere … :/ Dunno what else to say. I want to keep (Are you kidding? With all the fanlistings/cliques I have linking to it …) But I’m not really in a talkative mood at the moment. And I don’t know what else to put up here. :(