I’m getting interested in XHTML and validating my sites, because two people (whose journals I read on the sly) are all gungho … gung-ho … I dunno how to spell it … my typing skills are going down. Blah. Two people are really pushing it in their journals. Since I like being right, I figured I’d try it some time.

I tried it tonight. I don’t want to use Transitional, I want to use Strict. (For I am teh stubborn that way. :b) Um, I don’t know how many errors I started out with, forgot to check, but uh, I got it down to 63. ^_^;; (I’m sure there were more than 100.) So! That’s something else I could busy myself with; trying to find out how to correct these errors. (Maybe I should stop using tables for my date headers. Ehehe. And figure out how to mix tags and XHTML and Javascript.)

The good news, though, is that my CSS validates. Ahaha. Very good.

The coding for my hit counters/trackers are reeeeeally outdated, as well. Hm. Wonder how far that “Do not change the coding or your account will be terminated” legality thing goes. “But, but, but, I was just updating your coding! It was still essentially the same!” Heh. :b

3 thoughts on “validation

  1. ^_^;; Some tracker sites reaaally need to update their coding.

    Oh yeah. For the XHTML thing, I was a-wonderin’ if this place might be of any use to you. If not, then just ignore it. ^_^; (I should start learning XHTML…).

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