Hackers target the Internet Explorer browser. “US CERT (the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team), is advising people to ditch Internet Explorer and use a different browser after the latest security vulnerability in the software was exposed.” –The Register, 6/28/04

Do note this important fact: The Wall Street Journal reported on June 28 that hackers had discovered holes in Internet Explorer that enabled them to monitor a user’s behavior to steal passwords and banking information. Some of Internet Explorer’s vulnerabilities and security holes are related to ActiveX controls, which allow hackers to load programs into your browser without your knowledge. The Netscape browser is safe against these approaches. And, unlike Internet Explorer, Netscape also makes it easy for you to view all your downloaded extensions so you can see if something is there that shouldn’t be.

I use Mozilla Firebird (I jumped on the bandwagon! XP) while on the three desktop PCs, but not on my laptop … and that’s really only because my touchpad scrolling capability doesn’t seem to work with Firebird. :/ I feel almost paralyzed without it. Okay okay, I’m lazy and don’t like having to use the scrollbar on the right. >.>

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    1. Okay yeah, I got that from a Netscape newsletter. :b I just figured it wouldn’t matter to anyone if I said that or not. Like they’d really pay attention…

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