logic will break that head

The Stills’ singer is reminding me of someone, and I can’t figure out who. Grrr. Someone whose album I bought recently … I keep thinking Muse, but that can’t be it.

Yeah. I bought The Stills today, and Snow Patrol. ^_^ The Stills are all right. I dunno. I guess I’m just that into punk/punk pop? ‘Cause I’m really excited about Green Day’s new album. ^^;; The Stills are nice, but somehow … it’s just a bit dry to me. If that makes any sense. Maybe I just don’t like singers with low(ish) voices … >.>

Today I returned the Hot Gimmick vol. 2 I bought on Friday ’cause I found out it’s defective. First there’s this whole big part that gets skipped, then later on it’s inserted randomly and the manga just follows normally from there. Or, as Mum told me to phrase it, there’s a section duplicated, and it’s inserted in the storyline before it’s supposed to happen.

I got confused, greatly. As I was reading it I thought, ‘okay, maybe it’s one of those stories where things get filled in as you go along … o.O’ but then I realized later I’d read that part before! So. Uh. Yeah. I got a refund, and the guy ordered me a new one, ’cause I’d bought the store’s last copy. ^^;;

I also bought this guinea pig figurine! XD At a train store Mickey and Hidek went to for different things. It was only two dollars, and it looks so cuuute! Not rodent-like at all. Or … hampster-like. >_> And Mum bought a second one to give to Noelle. :b Ish sho cute. My guinea pig merchandise collection is growing! XD

8 thoughts on “logic will break that head

  1. I ain’t a huge fan of Green Day really, then again I never gave them much of a listen. I’m thinking about getting Dookie if I ever see it in the pawnshop (Which is very common actually)

  2. Usually I’d say only if you promise to buy it, but since I got it from my brother who got it from his friend, sure. ^_^;; I should really get around to buying it someday …

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