piggie smell

I don’t know why, but I smell guinea pigs. Or maybe just the shavings. Or maybe the smell of a guinea pig in a clean cage. Something. I know it’s related to guinea pigs. I don’t know why I smell it though. I don’t think there’s any guinea pigs within 150 feet of me.

logic will break that head

The Stills’ singer is reminding me of someone, and I can’t figure out who. Grrr. Someone whose album I bought recently … I keep thinking Muse, but that can’t be it.

Yeah. I bought The Stills today, and Snow Patrol. ^_^ The Stills are all right. I dunno. I guess I’m just that into punk/punk pop? ‘Cause I’m really excited about Green Day’s new album. ^^;; The Stills are nice, but somehow … it’s just a bit dry to me. If that makes any sense. Maybe I just don’t like singers with low(ish) voices … >.>

Today I returned the Hot Gimmick vol. 2 I bought on Friday ’cause I found out it’s defective. First there’s this whole big part that gets skipped, then later on it’s inserted randomly and the manga just follows normally from there. Or, as Mum told me to phrase it, there’s a section duplicated, and it’s inserted in the storyline before it’s supposed to happen.

I got confused, greatly. As I was reading it I thought, ‘okay, maybe it’s one of those stories where things get filled in as you go along … o.O’ but then I realized later I’d read that part before! So. Uh. Yeah. I got a refund, and the guy ordered me a new one, ’cause I’d bought the store’s last copy. ^^;;

I also bought this guinea pig figurine! XD At a train store Mickey and Hidek went to for different things. It was only two dollars, and it looks so cuuute! Not rodent-like at all. Or … hampster-like. >_> And Mum bought a second one to give to Noelle. :b Ish sho cute. My guinea pig merchandise collection is growing! XD

you’re a chicken Boo

Figured I should say something. ^^;; Umm … not in the mood to talk about nothing. And not much else to talk about. Umm … I think that makes sense. Hope it does.

For the past week and a half I haven’t had a place to sit at on my laptop. I had to sit/lie down on the floor, and that was uncomfortable. o.o I’m not as young as I used to beee!! XP Oh well. The kitchen table was moved back into the kitchen. So yay, a sitting spot. :) Except that for some reason, I think it’s uncomfortable sitting in front of the compooper lately. Even thinking about my desk at home, I don’t want to. Or even Hidek’s comp, I don’t want to sit there. Or the chair in the study is comfortable, but the mouse is in an uncomfortable spot. Plus the keyboard is BLEGH. Yeah. Mommy and Daddy’s compi is the same as Hidek’s, but with an uncomfortable mouse/keyboard. *shrugs*

Maybe it’s the fact that I have to sit in front of a Mac for 2 hours and 20 minutes in graphics class. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with Macs. I mean … just sitting there. x.x And plus, the desks the monitors are on aren’t very big, so the screen is tooo close to my face. x_X I don’t see how other people can work on the compi with the screen a foot or so away from their face. It hurts my eyes.

I haven’t checked tfl.org in the past 5 days or so. o.o!! How odd. I hope no one took fanlistings I want. >.> Or made any changes I was waiting for. ^^’ (IE something to do with the Cardigans fanlisting. >b) Oh yeah. o_O That reminds me, I have to check if anyone joined my fanlistings. ^^;; I have to add them … Add another thing to my to-do list. x_x

Today was a not-very-good day. X( But I dun wanna say. :b Blegh. Well, the worst is that Noelle’s guinea pig, Weepee, died today. Wahhhh!!!! That’s not fair!! We were supposed to have another Weepee paraaade!!! ;_;

Oh, and Lisa, I use red and black a heck of a lot, so if anyone were to use those colors, it’s more than likely that at least one of my sites would have a layout with the same colors. ^.^; *really likes red and black* In fact, if no one’s noticed yet, practically all the wallpapers I’ve made (all but two) are red and black. Mwahahaha! Which reminds me, I still have to work on my wallpaper site … ¬.¬ And which also reminds me … I forgot to do the reading for Gender/Ethnicity Studies. *throws her arms up in the air* So much for my “get off the compi by 9:30” resolve. >_<

better off alone

I couldn’t fall asleep so I stayed up all night and finished Harry Potter. I think I started at around 600 pages that night. ^^;; About 250 pages in around 300 minutes. Isn’t that pretty good? For all night reading? I dunno, I never did it before. :b

I tried taking in lots of sugar so I wouldn’t fall asleep, but I kept putting my head down and feeling myself slipping … I was really tired and Mommy and Daddy’s bed looked nice, so I rested for a few minutes. >.>

I kept waking myself up and attempting to watch the television . ^.^;;

On IFC there was some animated short, and they were speaking a foreign language, and I got interested, so I watched. Turns out it was Russian. But that’s all I really got out of it. O.o; It was about some guy chasing some tank … and the tank tried shooting him, but missed … and in the end, he gave up, and the tank stopped, reversed, and (I assume) ran over him, even though he created it. After that native kids were playing on the tank half-buried in sand, and a boat offshore was about to bomb it (it was on a test site …), but then the tank came to life and bombed the missiles on the boat so it exploded.

It was really interesting animation. Almost as if someone had painted each and every shot (not painted on a cel, but honest-to-goodness painted). But then the next thing started, and that had even more interesting animation. O_O

It wasn’t as fluid/paint-y as the other one; it didn’t seem as if it was using very advanced techniques. In fact, a lot of the time you were just staring at this one shot for a second, no movement, until they showed the next shot. It really tied in with the whole feel of the short. Because, in my half-awake state, I thought, ‘This is like someone’s dream.’ The beginning said it was about this man who invented an instrument called the glass harmonica, which people loved to listen to, totally enraptured, and this town that worshipped the gold … something. I forget what they called it. But basically … money. I think. o_o; Anyway.

The guy was playing the glass harmonica and people came out of their homes (looked like rows of tents …) to listen, and all their faces (ugly as they were ^^;;;;) were wrapped up in the music. But one of the people listening walked up to the front of the crowd and snapped his fingers and these two other guys showed up beside the musician, and they broke his glass harmonica. ;_; Then the guy did weird stuff with a gold coin/gold coins, and that seemed to be a sign for destruction, ’cause everyone climbed up this clocktower (I think) and pulled stuff out of it.

This one guy who took one of the hands of the clock ran home, tossed it and this woman thing on a pile, and pulled up a chair to an old-fashioned doorlock, where he spied on a guy in a room who had gold coins (he went swimming in them, and choked on one O.o and got it out by turning himself upside down and kicking his butt). The coin rolled out (on its own will) to the man watching, and he chased after it, but the lady thing on the pile came alive and stamped it under her foot. When he tried to get the coin, she turned into a hippo, and he turned into some sort of animal after she stamped at him. Then I fell asleep, I guess (I think they chased each other around), but at the end this kid who was in the first crowd got the glass harmonica back.

Yeah, really odd.

I fell back asleep and then woke up ’cause Mickey was talking about going to Blockbuster. I slept and woke and slept and woke for roughly two hours. O_o; But I went to Blockbuster.

I got the Animatrix. Heh heh. Although I think it’s kind of pointless for me to watch it if I haven’t seen the movies … Oh well!! ^^;; I just really like the animation … I saw the second one in multimedia, and I saw this one that reminded me of Serial Experiments Lain on some Mtv channel. I liked the latter one better.

I also went with Mommy to Petco, and we went awwwww at the guinea pigs they had. :P They had this one that was red all over. Even its eyes were red; they were those albino kind of eyes where they’re pink. And there was another one, which Mommy called a “Dutch Absynnian.” So cuuute! I wanted to pet them so much T-T But they were in the cases … They cost $30 each. O_O!! Oh yeah, the chinchillas raised in price as well; they now cost $160. x.x;; I found out that Flower (the original Flower) was pregnant at 4 weeks old (poor baby! ;_; literally) when Mommy got her. :(

a pig entry!

Em, yeah, I’m writing. ^_^; Kept putting it off last weekend. Anyway, I gave Pigtre a bath. What’s the first thing she does when I put her back? Scratch herself! >.< Owell. I’ll have to look at her tomorrow. Padme got skinny again. o.o Is it possible for a pig to be skinny one weekend, fat the next, then a little plump the next after that? Is that even good? :( And Pigtre is as fat as ever. *rolleyes* I have no idea what’s going on here, Mommy said she puts them in different cages when she feeds them.