poli … something; and nonwireless laptop, Christmas

“Kerry may have been too much identified with the Hollywood left and I think that hurt him,” said Republican political analyst Allen Hoffenblum.

“Clinton could get away with it because voters already knew who he was and they just saw him as being starry-eyed. They never perceived him as being a left-winger.

“But when Kerry surrounded himself with Whoopi Goldberg and Barbra Streisand and Bruce Springsteen and Michael Moore, many voters concluded ‘well, this guy must be a real liberal,”‘ Hoffenblum said.

That’s too bad. Hm. Oh well. I think Michael Moore is a bit of an idiot. :b Barbra Streisand? I think I’m far too influenced by the South Park guys concerning her. haha

Anyway. Other news. I forget what I’ve said here and what I haven’t. But that’s not news. Uh. I found out that my laptop starts up slow because of my wireless network adaptor card thingie. Or at least I hope that’s it, because I’ve updated the network driver and everything else associated with connections, so if the new card that Daddy ordered doesn’t work … then it means I’m stuck with this cable/LAN connection which is really sensitive and disconnects with the slightest movement. And it only goes as far as … Hidek’s desk, Daddy’s nightstand (which is right inside his room), and the living room almost directly below the catwalk. Which is entirely too public an area for me. ^_^;;

The new card was supposed to come today … that’s what the shipping company said online. But it didn’t. So I won’t be able to get it until next weekend. :(

I read another article today! It’s not really a news article. Just something. Read about Steve Lopez’s switch to the conservative side. (Psst, BugMeNot.com for a login) If anyone was curious, I don’t agree with him on everything in that article. Nyeh. :b

And no, this isn’t becoming a political commentary journal or anything …

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