ramblylalala …

Yes, my internet connection must die

I can’t download these two files of Amy Lee’s appearances on tv ’cause the connection keeps getting reset … Daddy isn’t fixing it yet. I think he’s watching football. Or the Busch race. Or … sports commentary. I dunno.

Anyway. I haven’t had anything to say in any of my journals/blogs/diarys. I have so many journals … and only two of them are really read by people. heh. Why do I keep signing up for free journals? “Ooh, that looks cool. I want one! *sign sign*” And I don’t even use them … eh.

Bush Allows Gays to Be Fired for Being Gay.” That might actually make me move to Canada. Is it true? Mum says it sounds too ridiculous to be true. I dunno.

I’d never really leave California. ^^;; Unless I learned Italian. I hear Italy has weather like California. :b I could never live in Japan, because of the heat/humidity; Canada because of the snow; England because … I dunno, I just don’t like that weather, whatever it is; Africa’s toooo hot. I dunno what Australia’s like.

But I’m rambling. Yeah. I need a new layout here. I’m too lazy to make one. There aren’t any new Amy Lee pics I like. I already used Nat pics on a journal. I need a new layout … Blah blah blah. I feel tired. But I’m pretty sure I got 9 hours of sleep. o_o Weird.

Oh yeah. I bought Green Day’s American Idiot and The Killers’ Hot Fuss because they were on sale. Muahaha … haven’t had new music in a longo time …

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