now you’re even older

Oh yeah, another instance where I felt my age, although it didn’t make me feel older, exactly … just that a lot of time has gone by.

Saturday I caught the last half of the one hour long All That special my brother was watching. It was so cool to see Kenan and Kel and Josh! XD Then there was a commercial break or something and someone said it was the 10th Anniversary Special or something, and I just said, “Ten years?!” I remember everyone looking like kids, I remember Katrina (she was my favorite), I remember Angelique Bates (she was the first to leave, right?), I remember that chocolate show, and how it always either made me want chocolate or made my teeth hurt, I remember the Ross Perot Character …

It’s rather odd that I remember all this. O_o Because I don’t have much of a memory of … anything, really. My past, I mean. I remember only a few things … a few weird instances … and thoughts I had … snippets. It’s like there’re more holes than cheese, regarding my memories … but I think I realize that I remember a LOT about tv … sad, really. I remember the first time we watched Snick. ^^; For some reason everyone was all together in the living room. Erm. Daddy was at the dining room table reading the newspaper, but we were essentially in the same room … or … were we normally all in the same room? I really can’t remember. Oh well.

6 thoughts on “now you’re even older

  1. I remember Angelique Bates (she was the first to leave, right?)

    I guess that’s why I don’t remember her. ^_^; (never heard of her until the 10th Anniversary Special).

    I miss the old All That. ;_;

  2. The only sketch I remember Angelique had was the chocolate show. ^_^; Maybe she did a Steve Urkel-esque person?

    How can you not remember Katrina?!?! She was so cute and evil! >D She did the lemonade stand sketch and the Ross Perot sketch and … I forget what else.

  3. angelique was the best cast member on all that, hands down!! her urkel impersentation and her sketch with kenan thompson the chocolate one…she was the funniest…and so was katrina she did the whole rich man with the nose, lol…im in love with the show and those 2 characters especially nowadays its a bunch of bullshit, i think the show should be cancelled now.

  4. Yall know Angelique was the best on that show. And stop calling it that chocolate show. It was Cooking With Randy and Mandy. Come on now. But they need to do a real anniversary show with like a few episodes of the original cast doing original sketches. But I heard that that chocolate stank. Lol…

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