I just can’t get back into writing entries online on anything! (Blog, LJ, private journals, anywhere else…) So I shall force myself to ramble on and on about webcomics. Yay!

Lately I’ve been into Something Positive (well, since spring or so), so I just found it weird a couple weekends ago when I decided to buy the second volume of Megatokyo. Since they’re like polar opposites … heh heh … heh. Yeah. That just got me started thinking about all the other webcomics I’ve read. ^^;

I’m not quite sure what my first webcomic was. I first thought it was Sinfest, but now that I think about it, it might very well be Sketch of Love. That’s definitely how I found out about Keenspace, anyway. (And I found out about SoL through EZBoard. >.>;;)

Another early comic I read … I don’t even remember the name of it. Otherwise I’d still be reading it! I think it was on Keenspace, I’m not sure. It was about this, uh, guy who uh, wore a hockey mask (?) and killed people and stuff. ^^; I dunno. It was a one panel thing, maybe a sentence or two; I liked it.

Um, other comics I read back then (I guess I should mention them): (the ones I can remember) Wendy, and Penny Arcade. Commentary? I dunno, Wendy was just something to read, sometimes I found it funny, but right now it doesn’t really stick out in my mind other than everyone’s hairstyles… Penny Arcade, I didn’t really read it I guess, just read a few because it was mentioned quite often. About 30%~40% of it is over my head anyway, I’m not that into video games so I don’t really know what they’re talking about.

Middle! (Because I have no idea what else to refer to it as.) Started reading MegaTokyo because well being in an online anime crowd (… technically … it was online on messageboards) one just hears about it a lot. But really I don’t think I read much more than what’s in the published volume 1, and I don’t know why. [Blank spot, because “middle” encompasses a really long period here.] Started reading 8-Bit Theater and I think I read all the archives (maybe?) but then I guess I just didn’t remember to check back for updates. ^^; Found Real Life (although probably not around the same time as 8-Bit Theater … maybe a few months apart?), read the newest ones for about a month, liked it, wanted to keep reading it, so I started reading the archives. I never finished doing that. I still don’t read it. One day I should sit down and figure out where I left off. ^.^; (It was some time after, maybe a long time after, they went back in time [for the first time?].)

Other comics I read (that I still have saved in my bookmarks): Animenifesto, anything else Shari (Sketch of Love) wrote.

Um, lately. (Can’t think of something better to call it.) Er. I guess Get Fuzzy was doing a storyline where Rob’s cousin lost his leg in Iraq and was coming home? Then someone on the feed mentioned Doonesbury and how the main character lost his leg in Iraq too, so I went to read those strips. Someone on the Doonesbury feed (I guess I should mention by “feed” I mean the RSS feed or syndication accounts on Livejournal) said she could relate to how hard it must be for the comic writer (don’t know his name) to do something like that to one of his characters, and one he’s been writing for a long time, because she had a comic and she couldn’t bear to think about leaving her characters, although she knew it had to end after a while. That definitely caught my interest, so I went to read it, and that’s how I found out about Queen of Wands. (And I have to catch up on all the “new” old strips she’s left commentary on. >.>)

From QoW I traveled to Something Positive because of the two crossover storylines. XP The one wasn’t really enough. It took the second one to convince me to read it. (And I think, a long time ago, I read one of S*P’s strips. I don’t remember which one, but I definitely know it involved Choo-Choo Bear … and Aubrey … Davan too, I guess. Maybe not Choo-Choo.)

Other webcomics I’m currently reading: Two Lumps (discovered through S*P), IHarthDarth, and currently am perusing comics’ archives, which I won’t mention because I don’t feel they fit this blog’s audience…

Yay for webcomics! Or something…

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