Neil Gaiman weekend

I know I’ve been lazy in updating this lately and even now with a really cool update I’ve been putting it off/forgetting about it. But I’m forcing myself to write about it now. (Maybe I should just write about weekends, or something. I mean, specialness over the weekends. Or going to the mall if something really interesting happens. Or something. I’m willing to not have records of the more mundane stuff. But this weekend was just really cool and I’d rather write this entry now than not have it later in life [and hopefully my online logs won’t disappear >.>].)

So! Friday I got Mum to go with me to the Nuart to see Mirrormask! We saw the theater and there was a line and I was freaking out thinking what if we can’t get in??? but haha we got in ($14.50 for two matinee tickets) and sat down and yeah it was a tiny cozy cool theater. ^^ And the theater wasn’t that full. I mean, much much more full than Charlie or March of the Penguins. But not like Star Wars (second weekend?) or H2G2 (first night?) Probably about 40 people there, maybe (I’m horrible at estimating), and there were bunches of teens there! Hee! (Normally wouldn’t be excited about that because, well, immature, but hey, it meant that they HEARD about it! XD Goooo Neil and Dave!) It was a really cool fun inventive interesting visually appealing movie and Helena (Stephanie Leonidas) was great and the guy she hung with and YEAH! I loooooved seeing Dave McKean’s stuff in motion. XD So cool.

Mum liked the movie. She said she woke up the next morning thinking about the movie. hehe! Yeah, I woke up in the middle of the night and thought, ‘Did I have a dream about Mirrormask?’ (I couldn’t remember. ;.; But it was a nice dream. ^^)

Saturday (non-Neil Gaiman, even though there was a signing at Vroman’s, just didn’t feel like standing in line for hours just to get him write his name in the book; I probably would have liked a doodle in my book, but he only doodles in the first 100 or so books, so meh)

Sunday at 1:15 got ready to go to the West Hollywood Book Festival got there about 2 minutes before he started talking. We stood behind the seats, a little to our right. Then he came out in his leather jacket and sunglasses and sat down and he took off his jacket (it was warm, but not completely unbearable) and he was wearing a black t-shirt. XD And he looked in our direction for most of the talk! (Although I think he was looking at the Death/Daniel/Dream cosplayers.) And yeah. He talked. Yayfun! Mum said she understood half of what they talked about. I’m glad. She asked me a few questions about him after that. heehee. Saw the Golden Apple place where he was gonna sign. They had some of his stuff there. Saw the Sandman Companion. And other comics of his that I don’t have (yet). Sandman has new covers. o.o I like the old Dave McKean covers better though. *pout*

What did he talk about? Umm, a little about writing Anansi Boys, a little about Anansi Boys, a little about writing, a little about some Genie (??) account that he had 1989–1992 (“So you’re a proto-blogger.” –Heidi McDonald XD), a “tiffle” sound (pfa?) he would make while writing (found out while writing on Beowulf with Roger Avery), the little coffee (?) place in the midwest he wrote Anansi Boys in for 6 months (he left after someone recognized him and an employee said they’d be keeping an eye on him; “‘Oh, there he is writing again—no wait now he’s looking out the window.'”), about his daughter and her graphic novels course at college, stuff. ^__^

Then we went to Waldenbooks so I could buy Anansi Boys with a 25% off coupon and YAY I got a FIRST EDITION!!! XDDDDDD *points at the words first edition on that information page* But it’s already kind of curling (from the sun? air?) :( I don’t feel like taking it with me to class anymore. *hugs protectively* I haven’t even got to “the bad thing” in the middle of the book yet either! (Something Heidi brought up at the talk. She said she had to put the book down and walk away. o.o Neil Gaiman said he was surprised by it too, and didn’t write for four months after that. ^^;)

So…yeah, that’s it. The book isn’t really like American Gods, it’s funnier, not as, well, dry (I like AG, but still, it’s … not Neverwhere or Good Omens, definitely). Although I just read this part where he visits the old gods, and it’s kind of like AG. ^^;;

That’s it. I’m late getting to bed again. ;_; (10:11)

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