Usually I limit myself to one (12 oz.) can of soda a week, around the weekend. (And I don’t know how people can drink a soda a day, much less 2 or 3!) One: it keeps my genetically weak teeth from being eaten too much. Two: keeps down an “addiction” to sugar. Three: minimizes caloric intake. </end nutrition geek>

Last week I had a soda Thursday night, I don’t know how much that was, 12 oz.? Or closer to 16 oz.? (It had ice, so I don’t know.) Root beer, woo! Friday I went to lunch with Mum and Mickey; I had a Sprite in a 12 oz. can, but I didn’t finish it. Maybe 8 oz.? Saturday night, I had probably around 18 oz. of Dr. Pepper. (Yes I did have trouble falling asleep that night. *snerk*) Mum pulled out this 2 liter bottle of it and said we had to get rid of it. I don’t remember what it was from … New Year’s … even earlier, maybe. Sunday I mixed Dr. Pepper with orange juice for breakfast, maybe 6~8 oz.? It was … interesting. *g* I’d drink it again. Then for the trip back up here I had a 20 oz. bottle filled with more Dr. Pepper. Finished that on Monday.

In a course of 5 days I had … 64~70 ounces of carbonated sugar drink. x.x (Well, it’s better than that guy who was in Super Size Me [I saw that in nutrition on Thursday! XD] who drank a liter or two each day? *dies*)

So now … I want a sodee!! But … I feel like I shouldn’t. boo. Maybe a part of it is because I’m thirsty … so I’ll just go get myself some juice. (Although that still has high fructose corn syrup in it.)

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