list of (stressful) wants

Ahh! I haven’t updated here in a while. >.> School is getting to me. Two and a half weeks left of the quarter!

List of stuff I want to do:

  1. register a domain and transfer (or copy some) stuff from Elsewhere to there, so I can add it in my resume
    (I want to show that I know webdesign (somewhat) but I don’t exactly feel like including my personal domains in something I’m giving to potential employers >_>)
  2. ✓ make a [fanlisting for a Japanese movie (link to Rajio no Jikan fl)] I saw recently
  3. ✓ make a new layout for fsnet and also smcasmin
  4. ✓ go home, be done with classes!!
  5. ✓ be done with writing my lab reports
    (I don’t want to write them, I want to be done with writing them. ;b)
  6. ✓ sign a lease for an apartment! o_o I need a place to stay next year where I won’t be imposing on my aunt and uncle!

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