To Be

I saw this animated short* on YouTube, I thought it was interesting.

I think the copy would just have another soul, if indeed it did get another soul (maybe it wouldn’t, and it would just be a pile of flesh? or maybe it would, but it wouldn’t be God-given, and therefore be horribly rotten?).

But ignoring the soul aspect, you kind of wonder. I guess it’s got the cloning idea in it a bit. So from a purely atheistic, DNA view, they’re the same exact person, so is there a problem with destroying the original? And if the original were destroyed, is the copy an exact copy and same person, or (basing on the end of the cartoon) does the copy have no ties to the original, and can start a new life?


(The other videos that user has uploaded are neat too. Maybe not as philosophical.)

* Alternate link to animated short film video

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