Westly and Angelides

Yesterday while watching Today, I again saw Steve Westly’s commercial about how Angelides is attacking him with negative campaigning, how Angelides didn’t agree to a non-negative campaign, how Angelides compared him to … who? Nixon, some other people, because of his tax ideas. It made me wonder, yet again, what exactly Angelides’ ad was like, and why I hadn’t seen it so far.

Later in the programming I saw Angelides’ commercial saying that Westly attacked first and that actually Westly wants to raise taxes on three things (I don’t remember what; I don’t ever pay attention to tax promises stuff in campaigning) and … I forget what else, I’ve only seen it that one time. When I saw that, I could only say, “What the hell?”

So Westly’s negative commercial was out first? I’d have to see it again. After seeing it three times so far, I was lead to beleive that Angelides had a negative ad out first, and Westly was just responding. (Actually I always wonder who really throws down the gauntlet starts the negative campaigning during election years.) Tricky, tricky man.

But I’ll still vote for him [in the primary], because he played the environmentalist card. :b (Go green!) And, dang, Westly’s petition is still short over 500 signatures. ;_;

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  1. hmm…I don’t get into politics that much cause I find it way too sticky XP But again there are people who will do anything for a vote and it’s up to the people’s judgement as to whether or not they will be swayed with what they hear.

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