V for … watchers or doers?

(This is all entirely based on my opinion of course, I’m not saying I’m right.)

I read this article by Liz Miller at bookslut.com about V for Vendetta, both the graphic novel and the movie. (Well moreso the movie than the comic.)

I have to disagree with her on the ending. The ending was my favorite part. ^^; When everyone’s marching and … I sure hope people realize this post has spoilers, considering I’m talking about the ending. When the police/military/whatever they are end up standing down and the public rushes past them, climbing over the barricade, it made me shiver, in a good way.

It’s probably because we’re looking at it from two different perspectives. She’d already read the comic, so she was set up for one ending, whereas I hadn’t and all I knew was the current political environment, so the movie’s ending was completely new and different for me.

Considering how low voter turnout is in America, I liked that idea of all these people deciding to (at least) go outside and strive for change. True, they didn’t really do anything of action. But each did show one more person who wanted something different from the government. That’s what I got out of it. Don’t sit at home and think about yourself first.

Aside from that … I’m afraid I didn’t get much out of the graphic novel. It’s probably my fault; I stayed up late reading it, so obviously my reading comprehension went down. I should read it again. One thing I definitely liked was that each person had a story, they weren’t just cardboard representations, placeholders (for example, the chancellor). There was also more of a developed relationship between V and Evey (and not the OMG kiss already! kind) that I could understand. But in the movie I liked Finch better. :b He didn’t go mad and go on an LSD trip! Although the scene where V talks to Finch reeks of a quick explanation for me now. Boo. (Actually it’s better this way. It now gives me an excuse for not comprehending it the first time. *laugh*)

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