Gypsy, Aly & AJ

Yesterday Mum and I watched Gypsy ’cause Mum was looking for a movie for me to watch. I feel like, even though I couldn’t really watch the movie (VCR is getting old, and the VHS cassette is old), I really saw the movie this time. Rose’s manipulation, June’s frustration, Louise wanting to please Rose, and then the scene where Louise had to go on stage as Gypsy Rose Lee for the first time. Man, what an actor Natalie Wood is. XD I really need to see her other movies. (I’ve seen The Great Race, Gypsy of course, Splendor in the Grass, and Rebel Without a Cause.)

Mum told me that Gypsy Rose Lee came to the filming of the movie and cried when she saw Natalie Wood on stage, because she had the walk down perfect.

In other news, Mickey bought Aly & AJ’s album Insomniatic. (From Wal-Mart. Hulk smash!!) Wheee! It’s a great album. :D Whenever I listen to Potential Breakup Song today I get weepy. It’s just … so good. *wipes away tear*

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