Flags of Our Fathers; The World of Henry Orient

I saw Flags of Our Fathers Sunday. (Talked Daddy into buying a boxset at Amoeba of FOF, Letters from Iwo Jima, and a third DVD, Heroes of … something.) I don’t really have much to say about it, just wanted to record that I saw it …

Am sort of regretting now that I didn’t start a movie list for this year. My thoughts, ‘what movies would I see this year?’ and ‘should I really put as much emphasis on movies that I do on books?’ Mreh.

I normally don’t watch war movies. Partly because they’re loud with all the explosions, but also because I don’t like to see what’s inside the human body when it’s cut up, and how the cut up person reacts to seeing what’s inside him. I’ve seen portions of Band of Brothers, not all of it, and parts of Saving Private Ryan (yes, I still have yet to see that movie). I guess I just don’t like seeing the results of a bunch of grunts (men?) with influence going at it. I’m too sensitive.

But anyway! I thought Flags of Our Fathers was good. I liked it. What else can I say? My knowledge of last century’s events suck. I don’t know anything about World War I, not much about World War II (outside of the concentration and internment camps), and don’t know much of anything of U.S. presidencies. Mum says it’s likely because I was homeschooled … but that she doesn’t know much about the World Wars either…. It’s only because of my dad the history nut that I know what I do know of recent history. But he gets annoyed when I ask too many questions, like I must be really ignorant or something. >.>

Anyway! So yeah, I had absolutely no clue that the picture taken was of the second flag, and that the first flag was taken down because of some stupid military person who wanted it as a souvenir. *twitch* That’s all I have to say about the plot.

I had no idea Doc was played played by Ryan Phillippe. O_o He just looked like some young kid to me. (Then again, I had trouble at the beginning keeping all the characters straight.) I finally figured it out around the time I saw Robert Patrick (X-Files!) and Jason Gray-Stanford (Disher! XD). Melanie Lynskey (Rose in Two and a Half Men) was also in the movie. Woo!

Also, Friday after Gypsy Mum had me watch The World of Henry Orient again, just to see if I’d like it this time, and yeah I did. Nice movie. Wasn’t much interested by the Henry Orient part. But ya gotta love Angela Lansbury. (I like The Harvey Girls, she plays someone completely different from Mrs. Potts. XD)

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