new cat

Cat news! Neighbors had a cat (kitten really) spend two nights on their porch, and since it was playing with Shadow they thought it was ours and brought it over to us. We took the cat Friday night to try to find the owner.

This cat is the complete opposite of my four other cats. It’s friendly, it’s got a looong tail, nice pretty coat, and no health problems.

So Friday night it slept on my pillow, which I didn’t really have a problem with until the next morning and it woke me up at 5 for breakfast. It kept biting me. >.< I kept thinking at it, you’re adjusting to human time, you cat! But it got me up at 7:30 anyway. >_>

Posted found signs around the neighborhood and went to Petco and PetSmart to check the lost&found board. Saturday night I didn’t want to bother with the cat so I slept in the living room (after trying to block access to my bed, then demolishing my blockade when the cat went crashing to the ground).

I kept saying to Mum, we can’t keep the cat. We already have four cats, Mum is allergic (somewhat) to cats, another cat would make that worse, blah. I called today on an unrelated subject, and she mentions to me that we’re keeping the cat. Mickey and Daddy want the cat, and a random lady called to say that it wasn’t her cat but she saw our signs and she wanted to let us know that we can’t take the cat to the shelter ’cause they’ll kill it the next day. So argh, we’ve got a fifth cat, one who likes sleeping on my pillow. >_<

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