so this is Christmas

I’ve heard that this time of season is the most depressing for a lot of people, and while I believed it, I’ve never had a bad time during December. That is, until now. Can I list all the things that were wrong?

I was partly sick from Thanksgiving to maybe a week ago. Mostly it was a middling coughy and phlegmy sickness, not the normal sickness of runny nose/sore throat/inflamed inner ears that I have every year. But still very annoying and I couldn’t do much all those days I wasn’t feeling well. (Barely managed to play with my cousin’s dogs while she was on vacation.)

My brother’s cat kept biting me. (I’ve been trimming her claws lately so she can’t scratch, but she’s decided to use her teeth instead. Argh.) That resulted in a swollen right finger (almost an infection?) for which I had to care for a day and almost made me miss a trip to Disneyland! On my left hand she gouged my palm and left an inch-long cut which is just barely vanishing now. It’s really annoying trying to dress oneself when one’s hands are injured and bandaged, I’ll have you know.

Someone did something unexpected, not exactly pleasant. That’s all I’ll say.

Again felt lost and unsure of what to do with my life. Still no drive to get a job. ._.

My computer was running a bit sluggishly while using Adobe design programs. I’m used to that, never was able to run InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator all at once. But the fact that I couldn’t paint in Photoshop with both Firefox and Seamonkey open on Flash-heavy sites was such a pain. (I tried to ask for money for Christmas to buy more RAM for my computer, not sure how successful I would have been if two people hadn’t surprised me with lotso cash. :3 I think, though, that part of my problem was that I had left old SQL files on my desktop totalling over 5 MB. I realized that today when my aunt was explaining virtual memory to my mom, haha! Hopefully moving them off my desktop will speed things up. Then maybe I won’t have to spend so much on RAM!)

I lost my hairclip. This shouldn’t be so bad, but I really don’t know where I lost it and it bugs me. How can I be sure I won’t commit the same mistake again if I don’t know what I did wrong? Also it was a really good hairclip, it lasted me a good few years whereas before I went through hairclips every year. And it was pretty. Then another hairclip that I owned broke. $16 for a really pretty hairclip and the metal busted on one side so it’s kaput. Who said having a lot of hair is envious? I think it’s a bother.

For a few months now my laptop would have times where the Backspace key wouldn’t work. After a while the H key would go out too. Recently the G key joined the random moratorium. Even more recently, shutting down and starting fresh would not get the keys working again. I spent a couple days depressed thinking of my little baby that got me through college just being a useless lump of ancient computer parts. After a trip to Fry’s I had the brilliant idea to just buy an external keyboard. I don’t use my laptop much anyway. Just to listen to music and to use WordPress. But today! Today I started up my laptop and the keys worked!! I’m not holding my breath for this being permanent, but it gave me hope.

On said trip to Fry’s I was wondering why my month sucked so much, and I was beginning to blame it on aforementioned Someone, but I gave myself a hard shake and realized it was mostly my state of mind. Both bad and good things happened this month, I was just in a poor mood, likely because of cold temperatures and ill health, and I was focusing on the bad things. I managed to buck up and wrap Christmas presents and have a great Christmas with my wonderful family.

I wrapped my dad’s present, a JAG hat, in a huge box (“Did you remember to put anything in here?”) with tons of bows and ribbons on it. I noticed there was a serious Cinco de Mayo color scheme because I couldn’t choose among the red, green, and white on the wrapping paper, but no one else commented on it. :P

One brother’s present I wrapped in lots of newspaper ads, trying to make it look less like a DVD, the other’s I put in an empty Scotch tape refill box.

One cousin’s present I had to make a box for, so I used a Robitussin box (my sickness came in handy?) and the other I sandwiched money between two old Dragonball Z VHS cassettes.

Everyone had comments about how I wrapped their presents, so all in all I think it was a successful venture. XD

new cat

Cat news! Neighbors had a cat (kitten really) spend two nights on their porch, and since it was playing with Shadow they thought it was ours and brought it over to us. We took the cat Friday night to try to find the owner.

This cat is the complete opposite of my four other cats. It’s friendly, it’s got a looong tail, nice pretty coat, and no health problems.

So Friday night it slept on my pillow, which I didn’t really have a problem with until the next morning and it woke me up at 5 for breakfast. It kept biting me. >.< I kept thinking at it, you’re adjusting to human time, you cat! But it got me up at 7:30 anyway. >_>

Posted found signs around the neighborhood and went to Petco and PetSmart to check the lost&found board. Saturday night I didn’t want to bother with the cat so I slept in the living room (after trying to block access to my bed, then demolishing my blockade when the cat went crashing to the ground).

I kept saying to Mum, we can’t keep the cat. We already have four cats, Mum is allergic (somewhat) to cats, another cat would make that worse, blah. I called today on an unrelated subject, and she mentions to me that we’re keeping the cat. Mickey and Daddy want the cat, and a random lady called to say that it wasn’t her cat but she saw our signs and she wanted to let us know that we can’t take the cat to the shelter ’cause they’ll kill it the next day. So argh, we’ve got a fifth cat, one who likes sleeping on my pillow. >_<

update and a wounded bird

New layout, finally. I had this one planned for … maybe a month. Or longer. I don’t really remember. See if you can find what I’ve hidden in the image. *grin*

Umm, update on this list I made, I am done with Spring classes! No summer classes this year, I wanted to see if I could get a job. (So far, no luck. Then again, I’ve only really looked at PetSmart. I was hoping for an easy, out of the way job like filing clerk, but I dunno where to look. So, on to retail.)

I got an apartment! Yay! And I met my brother’s friend whom I’ll be spending the next year with, yay! *snrk* I’ve met him before, though. I don’t really know him, but I think I know him enough to know he won’t be annoying, haha. I found out today another of my brother’s friends is going to Cal Poly, too. My mom wants to know where he’s staying. >b

I haven’t bought my new domain name yet. I was going to, but then I bought a couple presents from Amazon, so that charge is waiting to be paid on my credit card. (I don’t really like to use my credit card too much, maybe no more than once a month.) I was thinking of switching from inangeling-dot-net to angeling-dot-net, just so maybe people will know what I’m saying when I verbally tell them the url. But then, I like INangeling-dot-net. Just because it’s not so obviously an angel name, and it also ties in with the Inconsistent Angel Things still. muahaha.

When I showed this layout to Mum today asking her opinion of it, she thought my website was called Flimsy Science. *blink* Just like some other person who will remain unnamed. Does my domain name really look like that?! Well I guess it’s awkward seeing flimsy and silence together like that. The mind just doesn’t read it like that. Oh well.

I meant to update (over, since it’s Thursday Friday) a week ago, but I didn’t. I was cleaning my room (it was a mess!) and stuffing things in my closet and helping Mum clean the house for a family party this weekend. The result of that is I forgot what else I wanted to update on. ahaha.

Oh! Yesterday around 5 pm I heard this screeching that I thought was coming from outside, but it wasn’t. Shadow brought a bird inside. >_> Mum and I caught it, and it turned out to be just a baby, that couldn’t really fly. (Otherwise we wouldn’t have caught it, hunh?)

Mum found a wound on it where skin was missing, and it was all bloody, so we decided to take it in to the vet. Alll the way in Santa Monica. Yes. During rush hour. Look at us and call us silly. But it wasn’t that bad. We avoided the freeways and took weird side streets. The vet said he didn’t know birds, so he couldn’t do anything, but the receptionist gave us the number of the California Wildlife Center where they might take the bird, so we went back home.

Today we drove the bird there (it’s off of Malibu Canyon Road, woo, fun!) and dropped it off with a $50 donation. I don’t think it survived. >_> It wasn’t very active or peppy when we left it (did MY driving do that? o.o), and Mum said it didn’t sound like they were going to sew it up or anything. Boo.

The ending of that story is: Shadow gets his bell put back around his neck! So now we know when he’s in the house. And outside, scratching himself … even in the middle of the night.

when the end is all around

Wooo! I r back, baybee! XD And someone over at Endore sucks ’cause they went out of business in the worst way possible. -.-

But anyway. I dunno how much I’ll be using this. ^^;;; And I’m too lazy at the moment to make a new layout. Or fix the tagboard page. Which I’ll be linking at the bottom of the page soon. And uhh … I’m also too lazy to do something else … but I can’t seem to remember what. o_O Well, whatever needs to be changed/fixed/uploaded, I’m too lazy to do it. :P

Let’s see, what I did today … I drove Hidek to Toys R Us, then we went to Rite Aid ’cause I wanted an ice cream bar but they took out that aisle and it confused me, and I bought a York Peppermint Patty which I haven’t eaten yet and a puffscrubball for baths, whatever those things are called, and Tadash came over, and [boring school stuff].

I spent the rest of the day (and some of last night) uploading my fanlistings and the other stuff I hadn’t uploaded. I also figured out how to get the formmail script to work. It’s a lot easier when Notepad isn’t being cruel and inserting those rectangle shapes instead of line breaks. Believe me, it’s really really really frightening.

Gehehe, Wulfie just crawled out from under Hidek’s covers. XD (And yeah, I’m in Hidek’s room, ’cause I was using the wav editor on the compi. And am now using the much-nicer-than-mine speakers to listen to Evanescence. :b) Now I think Dusty is under the bed; Wulfie seems awfully interested in the area between the wall and the bed.

But anyway. Because I think it’s weird and cool and I worked on it quite a bit, listen to this [mp3 removed] and agree with me that lots of artists lately are biting off a very cool Japanese artist. :b And I’ll leave that up for only a day or two because mp3s on my space make me nervous. >_> But it’s not even one whole minute of any song, just 10-30 seconds of four songs with veeeery similar beginnings. Although, having listened to it over and over tonight, I’ll agree that they do “differ” a bit and no one’s biting off Lily Chou-Chou. Just great minds thinking alike, or some such thing …

Knott’s trip

^^;; Okay, try to make this a quickie.

Yesterday (Monday) went to Knott’s!! :D:D Yaaay! *can’t remember the date of the last visit* Woke up at 9:20. Went to bed around … 4 … maybe. >.>;; Auntie and Uncle got here at 10:20. Forgot the time we got at Knott’s. Rode in Jedi Mako’s van. ^_^

Got there, went on Ghostrider (said it was a 2 hour wait; we waited an hour or so). O_O Daaang. I forgot that it’s “the longest and wildest wooden coaster.” x.x It was fun … but I got a headache. ;.; Don’t think I’d go on again … but I dunno. Maybe I’m forgetting most of why I didn’t like it. ^^;; It was … violent. >b

After that … Big Foot Rapids was closed for the day. Ate lunch (hot dog), walked through Ghost Town shops, the museum, then Mystery Lodge (Auntie wanted to see it), walked up to the bumper cars, the boys went on, the girls and Auntie and Mommy went to Cordy’s corner. Got Snoopy ring (the one that fell off; just realized today it has no “feet,” the white parts of his feet are missing Y-Y), Snoopy figurine, and Snoopy t-shirt. XD

In the Sanrio part of the store (err, store adjacent) where the “stage door” for Snoopy is, we sat at the bench, and Mommy heard this boy ask the cashier what was with the door because it looked like we were all waiting for Snoopy. XP Mommy said we were “Snoopy groupies.” XDD

After that stared up at Perilous Plunge. O_O … Decided to try it out after all. Was nervous all during the wait in line. The pattern went: watch them go down, feel like it isn’t all that bad, feel worse. :b But it reeeally wasn’t that bad! I had my eyes closed when we went down, though. >.> Next time (yes there’s a next time! :D) I’ll keep them open. But I don’t know how much that’ll help, because I couldn’t wear my glasses on the ride. >P I got DRENCHED! Jedi Mako’s and my hair were all drippy for a little while. ^^’ Daddy even wrung his shirt out on the bridge. XD

Mickey got 2.5 laps around the “Knott’s 500.” Went on Sky Cabin (oooh … Mommy: “Isn’t Orange County so boring? No Mar Vista hills …”). Walked past Boomerang, Xcelerator (Noelle and SM00 wanted to go on, and Tadash, but not that time), Supreme Scream (SM00 wants to go on ^^;), La Revolucion (I think maybe next time I’ll try it. seriously), and through Camp Snoopy, past Snoopy’s Gr8 Sk8 (which looked really painful x_x *watches their heads get snapped back and forth*). Rode on Jaguar, which seemed reeally tame after Ghostrider. x.X; ^.^;; But still fuun. :D

Then went to Mrs. Knott’s restaurant. We tried to figure out what the stamp was supposed to say. Mommy said it was supposed to say Knott’s. Everyone kept reading “iso …” I read “Fishead.” XP Upside down I read “choosi.” o.O; *ahem* Waited a loong while for food. Was 6:40 or so at the time. Saw Dick Van Dyke and Elizabeth’s signatures in the guest registry. :) Goood food. All ten of us sat at one table. w00t! ^_^ Had chicken ‘n dumplings with creamy chicken noodle soup and salad with honey mustard dressing. :9 Went back to park. Everyone forgot to read the stamp when they checked us at the re-entrance. ^^;; I read “Knott’s isahoot.” :b

Umm … I forget what we did after that. Went on the train, I guess. Then made fast tracks back to Camp Snoopy to look at the gift shop. There’s a jumbo Snoopy for $75. o.o At Cordy’s Corner I was sure they were marked $29.95 … *shrugs* Oh well. Either way, I’m getting one some time in my lifetime. >D

There were these two mini books, one on friendships and one on love. The friends one had Snoopy hugging Woodstock and saying “Oh friend of friends” (something like that) and the love one had Sally saying “Sweet Babboo” on the cover. ^_^ There was also a regular-sized book, “Peanuts on Love” (I think?) Read that a lot a lot and loved it. ^__^ Left the park, ’cause it was closing. :( Got home.

Oh yeah! George! Haha. While we were on Ghostrider, Hidek and Daddy went walking around Ghost Town and Daddy won one of those monkeys hanging off a plastic bar at a hoops game. It took him three tries. Hehe. Hung it up on the lamp/light chain in Mommy and Daddy’s room. Cattre liked it. Wulfie was interested. Mommy said this morning she came in the room and the light was on, so “There was some monkey business going on, ohoho.” XP