deeper into WordPress

Woot! I feel accomplished! I edited a WordPress plugin tonight. *grin*

Okay, it was mostly the HTML code output that I edited, not really PHP or Javascript (basically code I don’t know), but still. I managed to not screw up my blog while working inside a file with PHP. :3

I also learned what “\n” or “backslash n” means. (New line.) hee. I’m learnin’!

Also, if you didn’t notice, I had a FlickrRSS plugin working in the sidebar before, but decided it’s not the way I want to go about inserting my photos.

Basically I want to upload a photo to Flickr and write a mini-blog entry in the description, then display both on my blog. But the sidebar is waaay too tiny for that (I think it’s too tiny for even the Twitter updates.)

Ideally I’d like the photo updates to show up with my blog entries, but I really don’t know how to go about doing that, so I guess I’ll just make regular WordPress entries linking to the Flickr image. How unspectacular. *snerk* That is, if I actually get around to doing photo updates. (I probably haven’t touched my camera for the past two weeks. How sad…poor camera.)

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