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I had to sit myself down recently and figure out why I find it so hard to update my blog. I mean, I have a whole list of thoughts to blog, ideas to write down, and yet I never get around to it.

The first obstacle I had to tackle was, what purpose does my blog serve? My mission statement claims I use it to write down thoughts. Okay that’s simple. Why do I find it so hard to write down my thoughts then?

Second obstacle, why do I keep up my blog? Other than my usual reasons: it’s my hobby, it gives me a website to maintain, I just like having a blog. I also thought it would be a good place to stretch my brain, since I’m not in college anymore and don’t need to write anything. Although I do really enjoy having finished school, no more working for someone else’s rating of my work! I thought I should still exercise my writing skills, make sure I can still do it if I ever need.

I had the what and the why established, so the last question was, Why do I feel so much pressure with my need to update at least once a month? Write one short little piece every thirty days, that couldn’t be as much of a strain as writing in school, certainly! Where was the stress coming from? My answer had to be that all the pressure and the stress was coming from me. This is a blog after all, meant to attract visitors and draw in attention. I couldn’t do that if I wrote poorly. Even though I hate that officious, stuffy voice my writings develop (even in this entry!), I continue doing it because I think it’s better suited to pleasing others.

But I don’t think I should do that. I have to tell myself, my blog is for me, I’m the one I have to please. I’m probably the one who reads through my archives the most, after all! Even after I take my blog off the web (Gasp! Unimaginable!), I’ll still keep a copy on my computer hard drive (and on my backup hard drive…) for me to look through occasionally.

With that said, a short review of my silly, but fun little purchase of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares is coming up!

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