2011 fall tv line-up

I haven’t updated for over three months! It’s finally happened, my job has taken over my life and become me!

It’s the last day of the month. I need to write something or go down in my archives as having not updated for three entire months. My job is still taking over most of my mind, and the rest of my mind is occupied with keeping up with social media. And yes, I will complain about that as long and loud as I can, anywhere I can.

Sadly, the one thing in my life that I can update with is tv. The boob tube is all I “think” about outside of work.

My tv premiere schedule last week consisted of:

CBS 9:00 Two and a Half Men
CBS 9:30 2 Broke Girls

FOX 8:00 Glee
FOX 9:00 New Girl
FOX 9:30 Raising Hope

ABC 10:00 Revenge

CBS 8:00 Big Bang Theory
CBS 8:30 Big Bang Theory
CBS 9:00 Person of Interest
CBS 10:00 The Mentalist

CBS 8:00 A Gifted Man

CBS 9:00 The Good Wife
ABC 10:00 Pan Am

I also watched The Lying Game on ABC Family, but it wasn’t a premiere episode.

A lot of these shows are new. I think I’ll continue watching most of them.

My thoughts of the shows:

  • Two and a Half Men: I just watched the first two episodes to see how Charlie’s death and Ashton Kutcher’s introduction were handled. I’m probably done for the rest of the season.
  • 2 Broke Girls: It’s a fairly standard sitcom, standard jokes, standard characters. Although it’s pretty risqué for an 8:30 show. I watch it for Kat Dennings. Don’t know if it’ll last.
  • The Lying Game: I skipped the first few episodes of this show, but the commercials kept getting me interested, so I started watching since my brother DVRs it anyway. It’s a different storyline.
  • Glee: Yes, I kept up watching last season for the most part. The season premiere was bland, I thought. Mostly just reintroducing the characters and their new storylines. More annoying bickering between the Glee teacher and Sue. But yay, Lindsay from the Glee Project showed up in that episode! (No, she wasn’t my favorite.) The second episode was better. And had more Kurt. So I’ll keep watching.
  • New Girl: It’s silly and cute. I don’t know how long it’ll keep my interest, but so far I’m watching just for Zooey Deschanel.
  • Raising Hope: I caught a few episodes of this over the summer and thought it was hilarious. (Cloris Leachman on rollerblades?) The humor reminds me of Malcolm in the Middle with its outlandish situations. With Glee and New Girl, it’s easy enough to remember to catch this show.
  • Spy MyeongWol: I found this show while flipping channels during Raising Hope’s commercial breaks. This show is the reason I keep watching less and less of Raising Hope as the half hour goes by. I’m not into Asian dramas, but I like watching the main actress, and I find the show hilarious (as I do most Asian dramas… I suck, I know) so I’m catching up on the beginning of the series through Youtube.
  • Revenge: Oooh, this is probably the show I find most promising. Firstly, Emily VanCamp from Everwood? I wanted to see what she’s doing now. Secondly, pretty good ad campaign during the summer. Thirdly, and most importantly, this show makes me think of Count of Monte Cristo, one of my favorite books. I have to keep watching!
  • Big Bang Theory: Yay! Along with The Good Wife, this is probably my favorite show currently running. And double yay for Jim Parsons winning an Emmy this year!
  • Person of Interest: I had no idea what this show was about, although I got that it’s an action show. All I knew was Count of Monte Cristo I mean, Jim Caviezel was in it. I watch it for his face. :) But I have to say, this show makes me paranoid.
  • The Mentalist: Gobsmacked, man. Found not guilty??? I need to learn more about this mentalist thing.
  • A Gifted Man: I didn’t think the show would be interesting, I just found myself free on a Friday night so I decided to watch it. I was hoping it would ease the pain of losing Medium, but no. There was more to Medium than just her ability to talk to dead people; I loved the characters and the family interaction too. A Gifted Man just seemed so blah. Like every episode will be Patient of the Week.
  • The Good Wife: Well. Can’t say I like the storyline as much as last season. I liked seeing her relationships with Kalinda and her husband. Not that I think she should stick with her husband no matter what, I just liked seeing how she was dealing with the situation with him.
  • Pan Am: The bus stop ad and mall ad campaign got me interested. A friend of mine is into planes and he watches the show. I like the history of it. But I’ve read that it’s broadcast’s answer to AMC’s Mad Men (along with The Playboy Club), so that turns me off. I don’t want to watch a show that will get me upset over how women were treated in the 60s. Also the first episode hinted there’ll be a lot of relationship storylines, which bores me because I can see that in almost any other show. I want to see more about Pan Am! Like Pan Am going to the Bay of Pigs to transport released prisoners? I didn’t know airlines did stuff like that…

All in all, this year looks to be more promising than last year.

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