2011 fall tv line-up follow-up

An update to my previous entry on my current tv viewing schedule. Short thoughts:

  • Once Upon a Time: Started watching this. My inner Disney fangirl is squeeing.
  • Pan Am: I care less and less for the storylines, but I really enjoy the characters. I don’t know if I want to keep watching or not.
  • Good Wife: This used to compete with Big Bang Theory as my favorite show (currently running), but not so much this season.
  • 2 Broke Girls: Surprisingly one of the shows I really look forward to every week. I love watching Kat Dennings. Does anyone else get the feeling she’s ad libbing some lines and amusing herself along the way? Or maybe she and Beth Behrs just enjoy the jokes that much; it often looks like they’re trying not to laugh out loud.
  • Two and a Half Men: I didn’t watch past the second episode, but I heard my fears are realized: Ashton’s character is just awful.
  • The Lying Game: The season ended but here’s my commentary: Darn, the season ended! I need to know more!!
  • Glee: I am this close to not watching the show anymore. Kurt has me hanging on by the thinnest of threads. The prospect of seeing Damian’s guest role will keep me coming back for a while though.
  • New Girl: Still the same as before. Every episode seems the same. She’s wacky and weird and the guys abandon her, but then everyone joins in a big ol’ happy group hug.
  • Raising Hope: Haven’t seen an episode since the second of the season, but I think I haven’t been missing much. Hilarious show, but not a must-see on a weekly basis.
  • Spy MyeongWol: I only remember to watch this show when I’m watching tv, so I haven’t watched since the World Series ran. But I plan to catch up on Youtube eventually.
  • Mythbusters: Awesome. That is all.
  • Psych: Yay! This was the show that I hoped would replace Monk in my tv line-up, but it never quite reached that level. Still really fun to watch.
  • American Horror Story: Psychosexual thriller? Yeah, not so much into that part of the show. What I really enjoy is the history behind each of the ghosts. That’s what I’ve always loved about ghost stories.
  • Revenge: This is probably my new favorite show. (Competing with Big Bang Theory, of course.) I can’t say any more than this, I’m not objective enough.
  • Big Bang Theory: Ditto. I love watching geekery.
  • Person of Interest: I missed an episode in the past month but I didn’t bother to watch it online, yet I still watch it every week. (Jim Caviezel.) I don’t know what more I can say. Every episode follows the same formula.
  • The Mentalist: Same as Person of Interest. But I really like the characters. Also this is the one show where (half the time, anyway) I try to follow along and figure out what Patrick is thinking or seeing. And Patrick’s aversion to the violent action scenes is refreshing.
  • Grimm: This looks like fun. I never watched Buffy or Angel, so to me this sort of show is new.

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