Don’t write yourself off yet

Ahaha wow, I am about (depending on how you look at it…) 17% done with setting up my new blog? Yep, 17% over the past 6+ years. Still slowly trying to work on it.

But anyway. Based on the past two entries I seem to have a theme of posting here when I’ve got a serious case of nostalgia.

Enter: KROQ’s [Absolut] Almost Acoustic Christmas. I wanted to record my personal comments on the line-ups somewhere.

Night 1: I kind of feel sad this night didn’t sell out, like the artists weren’t enough or something. But I don’t know that that’s really the reason why. Maybe a lot of people were busy this night…?
Catfish & The Bottlemen – dunno them
The Head and the Heart – ditto
Cold War Kids – I recognize the name…? Can’t remember the song
Angels & Airwaves – never heard of them
Young The Giant – I know two of their songs…
Jimmy Eat World – Nah. Stal. Gia. ♥ Even though I still only own one of their albums… (Tried Clarity… gave it away. Tried Futures… gave it away. Haven’t tried any other albums.)
Beck – I still have to buy his songs that I like. (I have a long, long list of songs to buy…) More nostalgia.
Cage The Elephant – I have one of their songs on my list.

I watched part of Catfish & The Bottlemen then tuned out and came back at the end of Angels & Airwaves’ set. Didn’t get much out of either… Young The Giant: fun performance. Jimmy Eat World: uh comments on the performance is above. ^_^; Beck: fun! (Maybe I should write about my new mindset on music.) Cage The Elephant: oh here’s a second song of theirs that I know. This performance is entertaining. Lots of outfit modifications…

Night 2: When the line-ups were announced I thought I’d prefer to go to this night, but now I don’t know. The Jimmy Eat World nostalgia hit me hard.
Matt Maeson – uhh I dunno him
Lovelytheband – I know one of their songs
The Interrupters – Do I know one of their songs…? (I don’t care enough about this to look anything up.)
Of Monsters And Men – I bought one of their songs.
The Raconteurs – Ditto, but I only like that one song, and right now I barely like it. :/
The 1975 – I bought one album, I meant to buy another album but I got lazy or didn’t budget for it, and now I’m meh. Don’t really like their (his) new stuff.
Mumford & Sons – uhh I kinda like one of their songs…
Twenty One Pilots – Also need to buy their songs that I like. Don’t care what my brother and cousin say, I still like their songs. ;P

I may edit this to add comments on the performances tomorrow, or I may not even remember. Ahaha!

P.S.: What was up with me in that last post about KROQ, from 2011? How could I not want to see The Strokes, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, or Modest Mouse?? o_o

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