RCT 2, AALCC fanlisting

I played RCT 2. Wooo. I started … uhh, the beginner’s farmland one. Yeah. Cheap game won’t let that place charge for park admission. -.- But anyway. The goal was at least 700 guests with a park rating of at least 600 after 2 years, and I have over 700 guests with a park rating of over 800 at May, Year 2. W00t! The first scenario I beat on the first try! (Or, the first I remember, anyway …). But … there are just some weird little things that I couldn’t get used to in the amount of time that I played. ^^; Maybe I’ll get used to them later, I dunno.

Then I finished my All About Lily Chou-Chou fanlisting tonight. Gehehehe. But after I finished I realized it won’t show up on Netscape right. o_o!! Grrs. I don’t know why. I used tables, then an iframe, then … after that it’s pretty boring coding. I just don’t understand why the text won’t show up. So I haven’t sent in a finished form yet. T-T But [it’s online (link to /aalcc)].