more fanlistings gripes

<!--Please do NOT steal my codes.
Your IP Address has just been recorded and sent to [webmaster's e-mail].
You will be hearing from me shortly. -->
<!--END IP TRACKER CODE 99653-->

O_o Is this something new I’ve never heard of? Is the webmaster going to send a little text file to my IP? Or is it just a really different scare tactic? It’s … interesting.

I was looking at that person’s code because I saw the fan list was displayed in some way, so I wanted to see how it was done. Not that I have to justify myself, this is just a segue into a new topic. That person used a table to display the list, which I find to be the best way, personally, because it’s just so neat and tidy, but it doesn’t validate using Enthusiast. (The “Showing…” part gets stuck in the table tag.) I could, theoretically stick fans in their own little tables and style it so it looks like one big table, but … fifty tables on one page? Ouch.

I am yet again updating my joined fanlistings, because I haven’t done so for over a year and I keep meaning to join more anyway.

My recent gripe with many a fanlisting is the lack of a means of contact. There’s not even a way to contact the webmaster at her fanlisting collective site, or any other place she has control over. So what do I do when I want something on the site corrected, like MySQL errors, or even the inability to get past the splash page? Do I dare report the fanlisting to TFL? I hate it when my site gets on the troubles list, but I also don’t like the faulty site! I think I’ll just fall to my usual passive response: wait and see what happens.

layouty, 5-5-5

I finished coding the layout … the basics, anyway. Now I have to cull whatever CSS I forgot from this layout and put it in the new one … then put the new layout into the WP stuff. Wah. This is taking longer than I expected. x.x I also had to end up using tables with divs … yucky.

Plus … I just discovered that IE and Firefox display the “groove” border style differently … hmm.

Ah fudge that’s a helluva lot of CSS attributes and stuff to work into the layout … I’m too lazy at the moment. *leaves it*

coding discrepancy

It’s funny. These two archive pages are running off the same linked stylesheet, yet they’re displayed differently in IE. Why is that?

[dead links redacted; they went to pMachine’s general archive page and single entry archive page]

I also found another discrepancy between Mozilla and IE. That would be the heading tags. Why the heck does Firefox show these headings in nice small pretty text and IE shows them as freaking huge ugly things??

what the hell (WinXP SP2)

This entry is for the Windows XP Service Pack 2 thingamabobber. >b

Okay, so I downloaded and installed it and uhh … I have a headache. *forgot what she was going to say* x_X Um. It isn’t as bad as this one article that I read said it would be.

First thing when I restarted, that window opened telling me something was off about my Norton AntiVirus program. The article said it was because the NAV wasn’t registered in some Windows thing or another … I dunno, I don’t really remember (this entry is also proof for how bad my memory is). And that it would be fixed in later versions of NAV … ? Something like that. Well, Daddy just told me to select “I will monitor this program on my own.”

Second thing all these shortcuts and stuff were added (or re-added; I take down a lot of stuff ^^;), that I got rid off (had to remember how to get the IE icon off my desktop without deleting it).

Third the pop-up blocker has a really really annoying way of alerting me that a pop-up was blocked. That being a new toolbar appearing at the top of my window and pushing down the whole display of my browser. x_X I turned that off. I also turned off my Pop-Up Stopper. (Yay! I can open little pop-ups on Firefox now instead of getting a new tab with a blank page! :b)

Fourth, I opened an html page I have on my hard drive, the Lisa Loeb fanlisting members page. That little toolbar popped up again and told me, “To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content that could access your computer. Click here for options…” I wouldn’t really have minded that (except for the part where, you know, the e-mail addresses aren’t displayed because the Javascript spam blocker I use is “active content”), but then I went to check out the same exact page online, at inangeling-dot-net, and absolutely nothing like that showed up. I was able to view the e-mails addresses. Yeah. That’s really helpful, blocking something from me that I have on my own hard drive and not blocking something that’s online.

The fourth thing is the only one that reeeeally annoys me. Stupid thing. I don’t want to turn that option off, because I despise ActiveX controls, but then, I don’t know how often I encounter those. I know very well how many Javascripts I have on my hard drive, though. x_x

*pokes Poke*

Wow. *twitchtwitch* Mozilla and IE can take the same exact coding (absolute positioning) and have a difference of ONE PIXEL. *twitch* I can’t tell which one is off, either, because it involves text and I can’t really tell where the top of the line of text is. Grr.

Hidek said to me today, “If you were sorry, you wouldn’t have done it.” Messed up logic. I dunno. That just confused me for a while. ^^;;

Mum and I went to the mall today and we went in this store that sells junky stuff and we saw these, er, things. Like, stuffed animals/figurines/statues/whatever. Well. They were cat/dog/chicken things, and we think they had real fur/feathers covering them. That was really weird. Ooh! That store also had these neat cards. They all had stick figures and speech bubbles, very simple in black and white. This one said, “Congratulations on your marriage, and I hope you have many …” on the front and “anniversaries” inside. Another one said something like, “Sometimes during the day I like to sit and think …” then on the inside “about you.” So cute. ^^

Well anyway. East Wind closed at the mall (albeit a long time ago, but I’m trying to make a point here), but we found this other food place that was there since as long as I can remember that changed its menu (and maybe its management), so now it serves shrimp and sushi! XD No noodle place yet, though. ¬_¬ Westside Pavilion and Thousand Oaks mall and the outlet mall all get noodles, but this mall doesn’t. Boo.

Yeah, I think that’s it. Oh yeah. I spent $220 on books. Er. Schoolbooks. And I bought a new copy of Hot Gimmick vol. 2. Now I have only a bunch of singles in cash. And I need to save up $300 before next semester to put back in my checking account. Ah, back to school and having no money.

(Last night I read a few of the first pages of both Mary, Called Magdalene, and Raise the Red Lantern, and they’re both soso good, and yet I’m still raging against the fact that no money means no books!! Wah!)