Wheee! Look at Jayjo go!

I fed the guineagirls and cleaned Jayjo’s cage. I’m going to put him on the grass in the front yard after this. :( He’s so poor looking. I kinda think being on the grass will make him feel better. That is, if a dog doesn’t come walking by. But it’s 1:25, too hot, so I don’t think it’d happen.

[Later, 2:11]

I knew J.T. would like the grass. He’s sticking his head out of his hutch, and sniffing around, being active. *dances* Yayayay!

I was petting him on the grass, and I noticed a lot of hairs coming out with some skin attached. >.< And he was flaking, too. ;_; Poor Jayjo’s dying! Wahhhh!! But at least he isn’t in pain or anything … except that his back legs don’t really seem to work, or something … O.o

Well, this is a short entry.

I remember when Jayjo and Wilbee were in the same cage being friends. *sigh* I miss Weebee.

“Don’t leave me now. Don’t leave me now.” Michelle Branch

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