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Okieday! Right now, I’ve been given permission to buy my own domain…

I even finished the first layout I’m going to put up on my new site. *falls over* I tried really hard to make it non-me (although I think I partially failed), so of course that meant a lot of little gif images in confusing tables. Plus, I’m reallreallyreally beginning … well not beginning, but umm … further than beginning? … to be annoyed by IE’s and Netscape’s difference in font sizes and placements. ¬_¬ I think IE uses too much space. Netscape’s is all smaller (line height wise) and nicer. IE looks fat or something. O.o I dunno.

Oyeah, I also have to figure out how to do all the other little pages on the layout. I don’t want to have to keep using the main layout, since it might create a strain on someone’s slower compi, but I also don’t want to make a subpage since I likies the main one, and I don’t really know how (aka I have no inspiration) to make one from the image I’m using. Blagh.

Guess what! I stopped listening to the Cardigans for the past 36 hours or so. Why? I’m not tired with Gran Turismo, I just didn’t want to get tired of it, and so now I’m listening to Matchbox Twenty’s Mad Season.

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