old music versus modern music

All my life—or at least since I was a teen—my mom has oft repeated, “Music these days has no tune.” I agreed with her up until recently, when I had to change my views on music, or toss out most of my music collection!

My mom grew up during the 60s and 70s, seemingly the golden age of musical creativity. Motown, The Beatles, you name it, practically every musical act was or had a hit. I don’t remember who were her favorites as a kid, but now she’s a fan of Janis Ian (first and foremost!) and other women folk artists. She also enjoys doo-wop and jazz, and my brother has turned her on to Celtic Woman.

My journey through music is chronicled on [my personal site (link to /music.php)], and although it hasn’t been updated for over a year, and I’ll likely add to it after this entry is done, there isn’t much that’s new. Right now the top five musical artists on my Last.fm profile are The Cardigans, Maria Mena, The Divine Comedy, Lisa Loeb, and the Submarines. Lately I’ve also been listening to Muse (thanks to a certain artist) and to movie soundtracks (yay, Neil Gaiman!).

Mum once told me that she rarely ever likes every single song on an album. No matter how much she likes the artist, there is always at least one song that she won’t listen to. (So when she says that she thinks Vanessa Carlton’s Be Not Nobody album is the best she’s ever heard, and there is not one bad song on it, this is very high praise, coming from her.) Basically, she is picky with her music.

When I told her that I usually like all the music I buy, she thought I was lucky. I thought, although I didn’t tell her, that maybe it just meant my standards weren’t as high. Normally it takes me a couple listens to actually hear the music, and not just a wall of mindless sound. I didn’t know whether I was readjusting my brain to accept the music, lowering my standards, or what. (When I hear a tune I like, I immediately know I like it, no adjustment period or subsequent listens required.)

By this point I began to think that either my taste in music really sucked compared to my mom’s and that I had a tin ear, or that my tastes differed from hers.

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my ultimate fanlisting!

I’ve never used this word before, but …


I got approved for The Cardigans fanlisting!!!!! Two years after the first time I applied … the first time I ever applied at TheFanlistings(.net), and I got turned down. It was given to someone who only updated like 2 or 3 times … But yay I got it!! XD *dancey*

Now to actually make it … o.o

beating out perfections

Argh, I’m losing faith in fanlistings. -.- Firstly, the first fanlisting I ever [attempted to] join was one for Léon (aka The Professional), but then I noticed that the last updated date was not the same as the last date on her updates list (go check it out, you’ll see), and I realized she used a current date script for the last update thing. -.-;;;; Her site’s on hiatus, as well. For the looongest time.

The next one, The Cardigans. >( ARGH. I don’t know if her join form for that fanlisting is broken or what, but I know there’s someone else who joined (she joined my Gran Turismo fanlisting as well ^^) that wasn’t added. Plus, on her blog, she updates like once every month or so. >_< *sniffles*

Then the fanlisting for Amy Lee, I’m not po’ed about that one. She’s been rebuilding her site since the middle of June and before. Yupyup. But for some reason it doesn’t matter to me. That fanlisting hasn’t been updated since the end of May. ^.^; Then the fanlisting for Eat Drink Man Woman. I’m rather sad that hasn’t been updated since March. :( But she said that people don’t join, so it doesn’t really matter. Even though it means I haven’t been added to the members list. ^_^;; I don’t really mind. It’s just that she’s on the troubles list now for not updating. T-T

My Song isn’t a fanlisting, it’s a clique, but still, she said she’d update pretty much last week, and yet … nothing. It’s a really big clique though. o.o And I’ve got my luverly code up, so I don’t mind much. ^^

The last fanlisting I joined (umm … that I haven’t been added to) is the Yoshi fanlisting. :( She updated, but I wasn’t added to the list. I dunno why. I was gonna rejoin, but then the join form is closed. >.<!! Today I joined another clique, “we’re all a little fragile.” It looks like she updates at least twice a month. But watch, with my luck, something’ll come up so she doesn’t update for a while.

I’m not kidding. There were so many fanlistings I joined that weren’t updated for a loong while after. The Beatles fanlisting, Audrey Hepburn, guinea pigs (but it came back up ^_^), Gregory Smith, Snoopy, Evanescence … which reminds me. I joined the Gordo fanlisting, but it went down (her server went down and she lost all her files), and then I decided I wasn’t that big of a fan, so I took the code down. ^.^;; I should change that.

Oh well. I’m bored. I feel like putting this here. :)

Seven Things That Make You Laugh
1. MTV muting out words XP
2. Hidek (why yes, he is a thing)
3. Why Girls are Weird by Pamela Ribon
4. me (don’t ask …)
5. Tadash (he’s not a thing yet)
6. Good Charlotte
7. Peanuts

Seven Things You Love
1. Matt (he’s not a thing …)
2. God (… it’s up in the air, folks)
3. family (“family” is technically a thing … :b)
4. Snoopy
5. California
6. home
7. books

Seven Things You Hate
1. I don’t really hate anything …
2. really I don’t
3. honestly
4. don’t you believe me?
5. really truly
6. not one thing
7. okay maybe I don’t like it when my laptop freezes or when PSP closes

Seven Things On Your Desk
1. laptop
2. headphones
3. Pure Vanilla Extract bottle :b
4. camera (film kind and digital kind)
5. that Japanese racket/board thingie (watch Ikyuusan, you’ll know what I mean)
6. Bible
7. Emmerdale CD

Seven Facts About You
1. umm … I’m not even 5′ tall
2. breakfast often makes me sick
3. sometimes I can’t seem to throw out things *stares at her “Pink Anger” drawing*
4. I am not independent
5. my hair is once again down to my elbow (maybe a bit longer)
6. if I ever get my hair professionally cut, I want it to look like Yulia’s (when it was longish) or that wannabe-pilot lady in The Last Emperor
7. I am no one special, but I am not average

Top 7 Songs People Should Give A Listen
1. Nina Persson – Angel of Sadness (’tis playing now :B)
2. Nina Persson – The Oddness of the Lord (it’s just … weird)
3. Lisa Loeb – Snow Day
4. The Cardigans – Hold Me
5. Chevelle – Forfeit
6. Matchbox Twenty – All I Need
7. Smile Empty Soul – Bottom of a Bottle

Seven Famous People You Want to Meet
1. Rosa Parks
2. Natalie Portman
3. Gregory Smith
4. Hal Fishman (ha ha ha …)
5. I dunno
6. I dunno
7. Nina Persson?

Top 7 Things You Say The Most
1. I dunno
2. I’m not okay (this guy on Perilous Plunge heard me say that, I think >.>;;;;;;)
3. Okay
4. What? (other person) What? (other person) What? (other person) What? (other person) What? *grin*
5. –
6. –
7. –

Woo, wasn’t that a blast.

we were swinging oh so nice

Hm, haven’t updated for a bit. ^^;; But, I got my Amazon stuff on Tuesday. XD Read the first page of the intro of Flower Drum Song and Chobits 7, but that’s it. ^^;;

Right now I’m in the middle of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (which I started reading on July 5th), so I’m trying to finish that before anything else … and I also got interested in Count of Monte Cristo, so I’m reading that too. ^.^; I’m on page 60 after a day or two of hesitant reading, and reading TMIAHM. >D It’s like the newest movie, only … better! ^__^

Earlier today, since Hidek was at his friend’s house, I hopped on our compi to scan this piccie of Miwako [“little bit blue Miwako”] (yaaay Miwako!! :D) and the back of my Emmerdale album, since I got approval to build the fanlisting a while ago. -.-;; So far today I made the layout (finally, a good frames layout o.O), and started working on the nav/style sheet, but then I stopped feeling like working on it, so I got on aim. ^^’ I was “a-little-bit-blue.”

I haven’t played The Sims for a while. I was gonna play today, but then decided I really didn’t want to play all that much. Hah! So very good of me. Yeah. Instead I cleaned out My Documents (got it from 882 megs to 880 ^^;;;) and my Favorites (got rid of 75 or so so far)

Anyway … tonight, after dinner, I read Chobits 7 and it made me more sad. :( Kinda felt like crying. ^^; But it’s so coool. :D I both want vol 8 really really badly and want it not to come out, because it’ll mean the end. And oh! There was an Angelic Layer reference. So cool. :)

Oh yeah. My You’re the Storm single. Hehehe … very good. ^_^ Although I like the song For What It’s Worth more. (“For what it’s worth, I love you. And what is worse, I really do.”) You’re the Storm is still cool. (“I like the sweet life and the silence. But it’s the storm that I believe in.”) And they kept in the war-sensitive stuff. :b Although I don’t know what the radio version’s like. ¬_¬ Stupid America keeping The Cardigans away. And the song that I really really wanted ever since I heard the “mini version,” Hold Me … ^-^ yay! I got it! But it’s a bit faster than I expected. :( Makes me sad. It’s not a slow depressing song. It’s more peppy. :b

[“Hold Me” lyrics removed]

I also found out about this other band … Death Cab for Cutie. It’s a pop band. ^^’ But indie pop. Good indie pop. :) Downloaded their song “For What Reason.” Good. Am debating whether I should buy their albums or not.

Which reminds me. Daughter Darling released their album finally. To very good reviews. Except for this one trip-hop website, which says they’re “not trip-hop.” o_O But anyway, what I wanted to say is … I don’t think I’d find their album in a store, and we just bought from Amazon. ARGH! I need CD! I need to know them before they’re big! I need to not look like a bandwagon fan!! :b

Actually, one of the guys (I forget who) said their stuff isn’t radio friendly, which is what they wanted, but they’re still gonna try to put at least one song on the radio. *shrugs* Oh well. Keep my head up for our next Amazon splurge. :D

I have no money anyway … >.>

who am I to say?

*throws confetti* Yaay! Let’s celebrate! XD Lots of reasons to celebrate!

Mommy told me the Amazon order is in Nevada right now and that we should get it by Tuesday or Wednesday. Yaaay! ^__^ But my You’re the Storm single is in a different shipment. :( ‘Cause it’s an import. Oh well. I shall wait longer for my song. Then I’ll remake my burned Cardigans CD. ‘Cause I got tired of Pikebubbles and Sunday Circus.

Tomorrow we go to Knott’s!! XDDD Can’t waaait! Err, maybe I can. Because I have to try to get to bed early to wake up in time. ^^;; (too many “to”s in that sentence x.x)

I think that I am pretty much done with writing stuff for SMC. I can’t think of anything else to add that doesn’t give too much info about me, so I’m just gonna add my collections and stuff and upload it. Wheee. :)

I think that’s all.