GCN card and Animal Crossing

^_^ I got a Memory Card 251. Erm, I think that’s what it’s called … anyway, yeah, I got the really big one. :D It cost only $5 more than the 59 card. Moved all the stuff from my other card onto this one. I had Luigi’s Mansion, Simpson’s Road Rage, and Super Smash Bros. on it. Um. I think it had a fourth thing on it. I forget. Well now I have a partially filled card and an empty card. Heh. Maybe I’ll make another town on that empty one. :b~ I dunno.

I named my town Snoopye. I put the e at the end because I didn’t want to have people say stuff like “You’re moving into Snoopy?” ^_^;; Nooo, I live outside of Snoopy! I just live in a town named after him! ^_~ Eh yeah. And I named my character Miki. Hehe. My name’s the first on the list. :D No accidentally choosing someone else’s character … ^.^;

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