all the songs we used to know

Uh. New layout! ^_^ I guess it’s okay. Not exactly what I feel I’m capable of doing, but meh for a simplish layout I guess I’m satisfied. I don’t know who the lady is. I just found the picture looking through galleries of female celebrities. ^^;; It fit the song I wanted to use, so I grabbed it. And look, red text! XP~ *luvvers her red* Uhh. Can’t think of what else to write about it. o_o

Okay, here’re the things that are worrying me, in short list form: me and Matt and shtuff, college, driving test, English paper, Art History quiz, finals, next semester’s classes, music ear-training exam

Oh! Earlier, in the van on the way home I finished Ender’s Shadow. w00t! XD Now I just have to wait until Christmas to read all the other books. :( But anyway that’s beside the point. For some reason I almost started to cry when I finished. ^.^; I have absolutely no idea why! Ahhh, such a good booki, I luvver that booki. Muah! But I still don’t know why it’d make me tear up. ^_^; I thought maybe I’d cry this time, but then I figured having a crying teen in the car would be kind of irrrr for Auntie and Uncle. ^^;;; And Mommy and Daddy when I got home. And Mickey and Hidek and Tadash and SM00 and Noelle and everyone else in my family, because it’d eventually get around. Blah. Anyway. Yeah. So I swallowed a lot. :b

4 thoughts on “all the songs we used to know

  1. ^^ Cool layout! I like the date layout part. :) Cool, creative.

    Right now, the things that are worrying me are:

    driving test
    English paper (for some reason, I’m not that nervous about this, as I think I should be, I mean, at least 6 pages????)
    Art History quiz
    next semester’s classes
    college (especially this one)
    music ear-training exam (and this one, what are we supposed to know for Monday?)

    Bender’s jokes
    Some of the kids at school (why do they have popular?)
    Adam and Matt
    My grades (I need to look at them, I need to know if I’m failing)
    Those 3 stooges who annoy me 24/7 (kids at my school, not W88, Jeidai, and Noelle)
    Food (Mom hasn’t gone shopping lately ;-;)

    New layout?? COOL!!!

  3. Eee. ._. I guess I should check my comments more, ne? ^^; Well I guess you know what we needed to know for Monday now. ^.^

    Oh, and thanks about the layout. :D *whispers* I think I got the date thing from another blog. I’m fairly certain. ^^;;;;

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