may last the rest of your life

People don’t visit my blog anymore. I feel so lonely. v.v

(It really is “a big dark echoing room” now. Maybe I should stop calling it that. *ponder*)

But I must keep up my blog, if only for myself! *super pose*

I don’t remember whatall I did Saturday. Sunday I went grocery shopping with Hidek. I mention that only because I was looking for something to clean the shower with and found a Bon Ami cleaner that says on the front, Environment Friendly, no bleach or perfumes or a couple other ingredients I don’t remember. I thought, ‘Wow, Bon Ami really is my good friend!’ (Okay yes I’m an envirodork. *grin*)

I didn’t get it though, ’cause I’m too lazy to scrub the tub. >_> I’m an environmentalist up to a point. After that I’m a germophobe and I don’t wanna touch anything that’s touching something dirty. (Seriously. Germs can, like, travel around on objects, and walk onto my hand. Or … something.) So I got Lysol shower cleaner. (Kills bacteria! Woohoo! Er, at least until someone touches it again. *furtive glance* Then it’s dirty again.)

Boring diary stuff: Monday lecture then lab. In lab we had a final project that day. We pretended we were a design firm (or something) and the teacher was our client and we all had to work in teams (or departments) then split up the work (like there was advertising, then there was … I don’t remember :x in advertising we had to make a magazine ad, certificate for something or other, product logo, and a memo pad for internal company use [I don’t get it either, but meh]). I was on the advertising team and made the memo pad. ^^;; Yeah, I thought it’d be the easiest since we couldn’t know what the product was, just what the code name was (Wonder Widget), and since in my Intro to Graphic [Communication] class at the community college I went to we had to design something like that, so it wasn’t something completely new.

Every so often the teacher would send us messages over the network (like what’s the progress? and stuff). It was fun! Well, you know, if you forget the part where I thought I’d run out of time to print it out ’cause no one else had done it yet and there was 5 minutes left of class. Ahh!!

That’s one thing I didn’t learn while working over the summer. I don’t know how to work with a deadline. There was one, but it had already passed before I started working, haha, so I was pretty much just told, “Work as fast as you can so we can get the catalogue out.” Oh well.

Last night practically right before bed I planned out most of my art journal. Woo, go me. (Dare I say “Goby!”? I haven’t played Animal Crossing in the looooongest time. *tear*) I just have to get around to actually putting it together. *shifty eyes* I’ve decided on a guinea pig as my personal theme! XD I hope I can use it again next year. *furtive glance*

Today I went to lecture, then art lab. Had a critique in art lab. It’s cool, seeing everyone’s version of a project with guidelines. I also like hearing the technical explanations of why something doesn’t work, and what would make it better. XD

I asked him later to clarify what I had to do with my project. I understand it for the one I’m going to turn in, but the other one I still don’t understand what he means by “scale everything.” ._. I thought it was a pretty nicely scaled piece. He also said the columns going off into the distance are too strong (kind of why I put them in XD I just liked looking at them). I guess it’s because there’s too strong of a focal point. There’s nothing to move the piece from the back of the room around again to the front or even the middle. (But I still don’t understand the scale thing.)

Now I’m here. Need to eat dinner.

From about 1:30 (when we got out of art) to now I was stressing. meep. I felt like I had lots to do, and so little time to do it in (from that point until now, or when I have to go to art lecture), and I couldn’t do anything to change or lessen either problem. So I just didn’t do anything. *laugh* I just tried to make myself not stress.

I could have studied for art, but again I really don’t know what to study. I could read the book, but it’s really boring, and I don’t know what I’m supposed to get out of it. I find some stuff interesting, but of course it’s not what we’re supposed to be learning in the course and thusly get tested on for a grade. I looked over notes, but again I don’t know what we’re getting tested on and don’t know what to focus on and everything just goes over my head. It’s easier when it’s a technical subject, you understand how and then the quiz is easy. You don’t have to memorize stuff!

I could have written all the stuff I need for my art journal, but that would just remind me of all the work I still need to do and it would make me stress more.

I could have worked on drawing the guinea pig pictures on the computer but one: I didn’t want to turn on the computer (desktop) for such a measly amount of time, and two: I didn’t really want to get into something that I didn’ have the time for. I could do it tomorrow, I have practically the whole day and don’t need to interrupt my work to go somewhere. (Oh yeah I have to work on the pictorial space project.)

And … that’s all I really have to do. *nod* I’m currently working on validating the (X)HTML of all my websites. I didn’t want to do that either because I would just feel guilty goofing off when I have all this other stuff I need to do.

But I really should go eat dinner so I can stop stressing about that, then get ready to go to class and take the art final and come back and watch Gilmore Girls. woo!

I know you’re wondering, well …

Uh. *ahem*


O_< What happened?! Something’s not working in my Greymatter installation. It says my pages are supposed to be .shtml. But they’re very obviously not.

Maybe it’s my brain. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been forgetting words. ^^;;; I still can’t remember what that thing is called, when Jesus comes back and takes people up to Heaven. My art history prof said it in class, and I was writing … something as she said it, so it went in one ear and out the other and I put lots of re- words in my notes. o_o;;

I is hooome! :D Er, well, I usually am home at this moment. ^^;; I’ve been home for almost … about 22.5 hours. *took a minute to calculate that* o_O I spent today doing nuffinks. I went to bed around 12:30 (I think). Um. Woke up today after Mum woke me up before going to work.

Up to 11 I was in the bathyroom playing with make-up. :P SM00 gave me black eyeliner so I put it on. ^_^ Pwetty. But I dunno how to work with make-up so uhh, I dunno what else I need to make those solid black lines around my eyes. And I also don’t like the feeling of foundation. And I like this one lipstick I have (I think Mum gave it to me, Clinique freebie) that’s a brownish/purplish. Nice naturalish color.

Then I went on the compi. When Hidek came home I got off so he could go on and I played Animal Crossing. I dunno what I did, really. ^^;; I put up my “big festive tree” and sold seashells by the seashore. And some other things. Then I gave 60,000 bells to Friend 1’s file, because B.O. needs more space for the exhibits. (Explanation: Friend 1 got a file, but since he didn’t play, Hidek turned it into “Hidek’s Barnyard Oddities,” aka the museum for the stuff Gulliver gives us and stuff we get from NP codes. :D) Then I went back on the compi.

Oh yeah. Lots of stuff happened this week. Noelle reeeally ran out of space on her domain, so I let her move her and SM00’s blogs to inangeling-dot-net. :) Then I gave Noelle a LJ acause Lisa’s using hers. And I got a new LJ for myself because I’m really freaky that way and no I don’t think I’ll use it considering I haven’t used the GJ I got. ^.^;; But I made a layout for it. Hehe. I overcame LJ’s restrictions! Um. Kinda. They have tooo many tables and they don’t give any labels for the entry text and other stuffs. Oh well. It looks all right.

Yeah. Now for the next two days I have to “study” for my geology final. Actually, I think I really should study or at least reread stuff she talked about, because I was kind of lacking sleep in the latter half of the semester so I was in a daze when she lectured. ^^;;;;

you say it hurts, it hurts me too

I figured I should say something, since my last entry was made on Sunday … well, technically late Saturday night. Laaate Saturday night. :x

So Sunday came here (still at Noelle’s house, ’cause they’re going … somewhere, I forget where, tomorrow, and Auntie said she’d drop me off so Mommy doesn’t have to drive up here ^^;). Auntie said she wasn’t really planning to do anything, maybe work in the garden, but since it was so warm she wasn’t sure. Then I asked if we could go to the outlet mall to look for boots. So I made everyone (Mommy, Auntie, Noelle, SM00) go to the outlet mall. XD I didn’t find boots there. ;.; I liked this one pair at Easy Spirit (over $100 x.x), except size 6m was too tight and 6.5m was too long. (Dang people who don’t make 6w boots. ¬.¬) But everyone bought something, so it wasn’t a total waste. Auntie bought a shirt for W88 for his birthday, SM00 bought a pink stud bracelet, Noelle bought a hat, I bought a pair of pants, and Mommy bought a candle holder from Mikasa. No one spent over $20. XD

Monday we got our geology midterms back and I found I got an A. XD w00t! There were 120 questions and I missed 15. Practically all of them were the rock/fossil/mineral identification. -.-;; Then on Tuesday we got back the quiz in art history and I got an A on that too. :D (But I still have to work on that “extra credit” project to get an A. x_x Must remember to complete that …) Wednesday was a nice short day, second midterm in GEAH. Today got the midterms back in GEAH. Got an A. Woohoo! Barely. One more wrong answer and I would have gotten a B. ;_;

Oh yeah. Also on Tuesday I went in to see my counselor about changing my major from graphic design to graphic communications. I guess I’m planning to go to Cal Poly. ^.^;; *still not sure about living with Auntie J and Uncle G* The two main things I learned: Cal Poly is the best graphics school in Cal State. Yup yup. ^_^ So it’s an impacted school. Meaning more people apply than get in. *falls over* To have an edge over other applicants, I need to take all these “support classes.” I can’t believe I’m gonna try to cram Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Pre-Calc, Statistics, two Chem classes (AHHHH!!!!! *cries*), English 1B, Speech, American History, and other not so serious classes into the next three semesters. Can I just die now? *dies*

The second-best graphics university is Long Beach. Noooo, not Long Beach! o_o Nothing against that area, just don’t know anyone living there (other than my cousin and her husband :b), and it’s a semi-hellish two hour drive to LA. My counselor said I should apply to another school, just in case. o_< Maybe I’ll make my major fashion/costume design and go to CSUCI. But that would take longer … *shrugs*

Ooh, ooh. Geology on Wednesday was just review of the lab so I started drawing an egl girl. ^_^;;; She no look cute. ;_; *needs to work on drawing more* Then I played Animal Crossing for a couple hours, and before I finished I made my person an egl-esque pattern for her clothes. XD Very simplified, but still very cute and kinda gothic. ^_^ Also sometime during the week I saved three scans from Gothic & Lolita Bible vol. 9 and 10 to make layouts with. Then I made an LJ icon using a punkish model from GLB. ^.^

I’m also thinking about bidding on this. [Removed link to ebay.] I know it’s not very egl, but like I said before, I don’t wanna wear egl. I just like staring at it. :b I was trying to talk to Mommy on aim last night about it (she used one of Hidek’s old names), but she stopped talking to me after I said I don’t know why I want it, then she signed off. ;.; My mommy signed off on meeee!!! Wahhh!!!! Well, there might have been another power outage at home, I dunno. ^^;; ‘Cause Hidek signed off about 5 minutes later and never came on again. *shrugs* Oh well. Who knows. Maybe God is saying I shouldn’t get into ega and shtuff. Maybe he’s saying I shouldn’t get into buying clothes at all. Another hint: I don’t like bidding on things that other people have bidded on. ^_^;;; I kinda feel like I’m snatching an item out of their hand on a Saturday sale discount, or something … like in Lizzie McGuire. Ehehe. I dunno.

But I feel like sewing my own clothes again. I forget when I first wanted to do that … but the second (or third) time was when I saw all the clothes Bachan owned that she sewed herself. Mommy has one of those dresses. ^^ She has to lose weight to wear it *koffkoff* but she has it nonetheless. The only problem (or the biggest problem, anyway) is fabric. I don’t know fabric! Bachan was my last link! Well, maybe Auntie G could tell me … Plus, it’s very expensive. x_X And patterns … and sewing … the sewing machine scares me … kinda … sorta … besides, Mommy’s is buried under all her ju- all her stuff in her study. And I’m not so sure that I’m that into sewing … and I don’t have time for sewing now anyway. *thinks of those classes and dies* I dunno …

Anyway. Right now I’m going through all my old GM entries and seeing which ones I copied from/into Diaryland, and deleting those. I’ve gone through fifteen, and I have three not deleted. ^_^;;; It’ll get easier after a while, though … *checks* maybe 100 entries in. x.x After that, I have to find that topic where they say how to renumber everything and reupload and junk and not break GM … then I have to renumber everything and reupload and junk. o_O Doesn’t it sound like so much fun? I don’t know why I’m doing it … oh yeah, don’t like rebuilding so many files …

I’ll walk with the other one

Last night I stayed up to 1:20 reading Harry Potter again. XP Page 330. Not bad, I guess. Not good, either, though. Oh well. Someone said there’s too much teen angst in this book. I kinda agree. ^.^;; Harry keeps pouting and all of a sudden he’s got a temper. o.O I mean, a good portion of the time it’s understandable, but then he keeps jumping on his friends’ backs, and it’s just annoying.

I fell asleep some time after 3. And I woke up around 11:30 on my own. Hehehe. ^^;; Go me! Goby!! *holds up fish* >.> Animal Crossing … I haven’t played that game in a long while … *fears what her town looks like* You know, I listened to Bleed American while playing AC so much that whenever I listen to it now I remember Animal Crossing. Haha!