Animal Crossing and new domain

Heh, I’ve been playing Animal Crossing most of the day … ^-^ Started at 11, ate lunch for half an hour, then got off at 3, got back on at 3:45 roughly and got off at approx. 5:00. :D 4.75 hours of playing time, w00t! ^__^ And I gots a hinaningyo, or whatever it’s called!!! *dances* ‘Tis so cool and superb and uber w00tness! XD Yeah!

Em … lesse … what do I have to do? [to-do list deleted] Pay off Nook. XP I think I still owe him 75,000 bells on the first room expansion for my Jedi/Quervett file, and 400,000 bells on the second story addition for my Miki/Snoopye file, and … 200,000 bells ?? on the second story for my Jeidai/Needles file. O! and I want to make a new town on my old memory card 57. >D Yeh.

Ooh, Mommy said I could get the new domain! Bweeee!! ^-^ I wonder when I can get it, though … *ponders* I hope she doesn’t say after Christmas … :( That’d be so saddening … waii … Eheh, doesn’t matter right now. She said yes! Yayayayay! ^-^

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2 thoughts on “Animal Crossing and new domain

  1. ^^ Coolzies (on the domain). I want to get one after my current one dies out. So far, I haven’t asked my mom if I could get another after the old one is gone.

  2. I was wondering … do you think I could give the hosting I have for to the new domain, or would my host not allow that, and I have to get new hosting for the new domain? I’m thinking of sending an e-mail, but I don’t want to sound stupid … ^^;;

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