Happy cows?

Awwies, PETA’s a bunch of meanies. Blegh.

How green is their valley? Do they even have a valley? A lawsuit filed on Wednesday by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals challenges whether the California dairy industry’s award-winning ad campaign featuring “Happy Cows” frolicking in verdant pastures is false advertising. The suit, filed in San Francisco, asks a Superior Court judge to order the California Milk Advisory Board to permanently suspend its two-year-old television and print advertising campaign.

I mean, they have a point. But I never thought that all the cows wandered in green valleys. ^_^;; I mean, how many green valleys are there in California? All I can think of is the San Fernando Valley and that’s not green at all. And the one by Noelle’s house, if that is a valley … I’m not sure … it looks like a desert.

But those commercials are so cuuute! XD “Foot massage! Ahhhhh! *earthquake goes by* … Darn, those never last long enough.” Heehee. ^_^

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