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Mommy showed me something in a newspaper, an article on Monk. I have no idea when that show is on. ;-; I haven’t really been watching tv … well not regularly. Sometimes I turn on the tv and see what’s on some channels I like. I don’t watch any regularly scheduled programming. Sometimes I watch .hack//SIGN. When I can remember. When I don’t think I’ll wake up Mommy and Daddy too much. Sometimes I watch Simpsons/King of the Hill during dinner. But that’s it.

Anyway. At the end of Boys Don’t Cry, they started playing a song, and I froze, and thought, ‘Is it really?’ Then she started singing, “The lonesome texas sun was setting low, and in the rearview-mirror I watched it go.” And I was like w00t! Nina Persson! XDD And during the credits I got another shock. Nathan Larsson performed another song in the movie. o.o (You know, I don’t even know what he looks like. I just know he sang What the Hell Are You Crying For? with Nina Persson, and is married to Nina Persson, and was a part of some band that Nina Persson recorded one weeeird song with.)

I was fooling around with my California Angels (playing) cards and I suddenly remembered seeing someone cut the deck in one hand. I mean … they held the deck aloft between their thumb and ring/middle/index finger (I think the pinky was used for balance), then one side of half the deck would fall … and somehow the two sections would get flipped so the deck was cut.

Arrrgh, I can’t remember how it worked. What I remember, though, is spending hours trying to mimic those moves. :b I taught Tadash how dealers at Las Vegas shuffle decks. Even though I myself can’t. >.> I can shuffle cards in midair. Although there’s really no point because everyone can see the cards. ^^;;; And that’s all I can do, really … a pointless feat.

I want a nice deck of cards. The best I have is my California Angels deck. But that’s rather … floppy. Thin paper. But thicker than all my anime decks. The next best deck I have is a Nabisco freebie thing. But those’re too big and slippery. And kinda stiff. ^^;; I’m never satisfied, am I? I’d say my deck from Japan is the best. But noooo, ’tis so nice and prettyful, I can’t ruin that … oh well. After that is this deck from Sequoia. But that doesn’t have a box or anything. :/ Oh well.

Oh yeah. I can shuffle a deck 12 times in one minute. That’s my record. Usually it’s 11 times. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, though, because no one else ever timed how fast they could shuffle. ^.^;; Oh well. Now to find something else to do.

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