Neverwhere and some tv viewing

I am very bored by my blog right now. Why? I dunno.

About 2 or 3 hours I tried to click on some window on my laptop, and the display froze. >.< I amazed myself. I was very cool and very collected and just picked up Neverwhere and started reading. XP I’ve started chapter eleven. O_O HOW COULD HE/SHE/IT?!?!?! *bangs* Not right, I say! Nooot riiiiiight! >.< Wooo. Two-thirds through the book. XD I started reading last Saturday, too.

“What,” asked Mr. Croup, “do you want?”
“What,” asked the marquis de Carabas, a little more rhetorically, “does anyone want?”
“Dead things,” suggested Mr. Vandamar. “Extra teeth.”
Neil Gaiman, Neverwhere

XDDD That makes me like Mr. Vandamar a bit more … that is … if I could like him. O_o

So, what I watched last night … The Panic Room, which I liked, good fun movie (“Get out of my house!” “Say fuck.” “What? Fuck!” O.o “No, say ‘Get the fuck out of my house!'” “Get the fuck out of my house!” haha! that was great) … and Dead Like Me, which was funnay! (“She doesn’t like the word moist because she thinks it sounds pornographic.” XP) Also, last Friday, Mommy and I watched Far From Heaven, which was interesting. Not anything fantabulous, though.

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